Words to Live By From Backstage at NYFW

Backstage at NYFW this season, models and artists offered us a few life lessons! We think you can learn a things from them too! Discover the what gets them through the fashion week madness and the words that they live by, here!

Virginia Lowman Sep, 13, 2015

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Sudanese model and activist Nykhor Paul just strives to live her best life. She doesn't have a motto that she lives by, but she believes in self-love and affirmation. In her own words: "Just keep it tight. Keep yourself right. Keep your skin right. Because at the end of the day, it's not about fashion. It's about you as a beautiful woman to keep yourself up and look right."

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Fourteen year old Alanna Wall, founder of the non-profit organization Polished Girlz, lives by two mottos: "Glitter makes everything better" and "You're never too young to change the world." Seems like this girl can teach everyone a thing or two about living their best life! 

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Backstage at Julianna Bass, this model advised us to "keep it simple." Life is complicated enough as it is! She opts for simplicity in all aspects of her life to minimize the chaos.

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Hair guru James Pecis simply lives by the motto: "It grows back." Wise words to any woman who's second-guessing that haircut they just got, or hesitant to big chop. Let it go! It always grows back.

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Runway model Mari keeps her motto short and sweet: "Expand." She is constantly on the hunt for her next travel destination and believes that wanderlust and meeting people from different walks of life are the fruits of a life well-lived.

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Nail Taxi founder Cinnamon Bowser: "If it's not happening now, [then] it's not happening." She believes the saying helps her stay present in the moment. She can forget about yesterday's show, the show that just happenend or the show that's to come.

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Lipstick lover and supermodel Herieth Paul may secretly be a philosopher at heart. The 19-year-old beauty lives with René Descartes famous proposition, "I think therefore I am." Clearly it works! The 5'11" beauty has been killing the fashion scene since she made her debut at the tender age of 14.

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Fashion designer, Christian Siriano, embodies the spirit of individuality. He abides by the notion that one should always be one's self and [never be afraid to ]take risks. Tenacity earned him the number one spot on the fourth season of Project Runway, where became the series youngest winner. Taking risks in his designs also cemeted his place in the fashion industry allowing him the opportunity to wow us every season during the infamous New York Fashion Week.

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"Education, education, education!" Hair artist Daniel Roldan knows that to get ahead and stay ahead, you must be well informed not only about your craft, but also your peers and your industry. Traslation: No days off! Scholarship is a lifestyle, not a habit.


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