Word on the Street: Will You Miss Oprah?

ESSENCE.COM Nov, 20, 2009

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Oprah is announcing today that she will end ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ on its 25th anniversary in September 2011. ESSENCE.COM hit the streets of New York City to ask real people what they think about the media mogul deciding to pull the plug. You know the routine, keep clicking to read what they said.

By: Jenisha Watts

2 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 53
Profession: Interior Decorator

“I think Oprah deserves to leave her show, I am rooting for her. I am just hoping that she is able to pull this through. When she started the school in Africa, I thought that was phenomenal, that’s one of my favorite Oprah moments. I support her all the way!”

3 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 24
Profession: Retail Worker

“I am going to miss Oprah a lot, I mean look at her she is freaking divine. She has set a bar for a lot of people and she’s giving. I am really going to just miss her.”

4 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 24
Profession: Assistant Buyer

“I think she’s done so much for Black women that maybe it is time for her to step down. Hopefully, there is someone else out there to step up or at least she can mentor someone to be the next Oprah. I just love the idea of where she came from and where she went. She has the true story of rags to riches. And, throughout it all, I admire her perseverance more than what she shows on television.”

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Age: 21
Profession: Manager

“If she wants to leave, then she can. I mean, everybody has a time to retire. I wouldn’t be sad if she left. But I am pretty sure that she will still be in the scene, plus we have Tyra.”

6 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 38
Profession: Art Director

“I am not a fan of her show, I mean I don’t dislike it and I do respect her as a business woman. I mean, if she wants to go and explore other opportunities, then that’s great. I am always sort of amused and perplexed at the grand gestures that she does, like giving away cars. I like that side of her.”

7 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 23
Profession: Student

“I don’t want her to leave. Me and my cousin were talking about it last night and we decided that she is not allowed to leave. (Laughs). I liked her interview with Whitney Houston and when she got her ears pierced on the Ellen episode. You know, she seems like an aunt.”

8 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 38
Profession: Stylist and Producer

“When I heard the news last night, I was really surprised and a little saddened because I’ve grown-up with Oprah. There’s going to be a void in daytime TV. I am hoping that this is not it for her.”

9 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 23
Profession: Retail Worker

“I don’t really feel any way about it. I do have a favorite Oprah moment: When Robin Thicke came on to sing to his wife and she was crying. I thought that was cute.”

10 of 10 Jenisha Watts

Age: 29
Profession: Non-Profit Employee

“I think it’s going to be a big loss to the broadcast world. Her show’s been around for awhile and people really look to her for important information and interesting stories. It was fun watching her give everyone a car on that one episode.”


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