Word on the Street: What is Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song?

Word on the Street: What is Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song?
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 24, 2010

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ESSENCE.com hit the streets of New York City to ask people what they miss most about Michael Jackson. Some shared their favorite MJ song and others simply reflected on their favorite memory of the King of Pop.

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Age: 30-something
“Today is my birthday. I feel that wonderful people come into the world on June 25 and wonderful people leave the world on June 25. My favorite MJ song is ‘Remember the Time.’ I loved that video!”

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Age: 24
“I am glad that he is getting the props that he deserved. My favorite Michael Jackson song is ’Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.’ I just have to dance until I can’t get enough.”

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Age: 30-something
“My favorite Michael Jackson song is ‘Ben’ because I felt like it was straight from his heart. When I hear it I feel it inside and out. I really think that song meant a lot to him”

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Age: 27
“‘You Are Not Alone,’ I love that song because that song came out in a time of my life when I lost my father. I will always hold that song close to me.”

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Age: 22
“When I was six years old, I remember seeing the ‘Thriller’ video for the first time. Whenever one of his songs comes on, it just pulls on my heart string.”

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Age: 27
“I love ‘Thriller’ even though to this day it still scares me!”

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Age: 27
“The ‘HIStory’ album is by far my favorite. I love the song ‘Beat It,’ too.”

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Age: 39
“‘PTY’ is my favorite song. I do not know why, but I can just jam to it over and over again with no problem. I just love it!”

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Age: 31
“‘Beat It!’ I like the beat and the tune. I like the way that you can get down in the morning or in the afternoon. It is a fun pick-me-up song.”

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Age: Ageless
“‘Man In the Mirror’ because there is so much truth in it. When you listen to the words, it tells you to look at yourself. Other than that, anything else Michael Jackson made I loved.”

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Age: 27
“My favorite song is ‘Thriller,’ it is the video that I love. The song gave me goosebumps when I was young. It is a classic. It is timeless.”

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Age: Ageless
“I loved ‘Black and White,’ there is a lot of truth in the song. My daughters used to be crazy about Michael Jackson. They always said, “Mommy, I want my hair like Michael. It is nice that my kids grew up with Michael Jackson.”

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Age: 43
“I love ‘Beat It’ because I knew all the moves. And, ‘Thriller’ because I loved the makeup, and it’s theatrical. All that hair and the dancing was fantastic. I remember very vividly performing the ‘Thriller’ video at my high school.”


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