Word on the Street: What Would You Ask Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama: Word on the Street
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 21, 2009

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She’s married to the man holding the highest position in all the land. But she’s no trophy wife; this Chicago-born-and-raised attorney holds two Ivy League degrees and is also the mother of two adorable, well-adjusted daughters. Oh, and her Double Dutch game is mean!

Curious to learn more about Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama? Well, the First Lady will appear (via satellite) on “The Jay Leno Show” tonight and the late-night host will ask Lady O ten riveting questions. So, we turned to real men and women on the streets of New York City to find out what Black America wants to know about Mrs. Obama. Keep clicking for the results…

Reported by: Jenisha Watts and Kathleen Fiefe

2 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: Holly Carter

Age: 30-something

Profession: Beauty Editor

Question for the First Lady:

“Did you ever foresee yourself as being the First Lady? What are the best and worst parts of being married to the President?”

3 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: Michael Henry

Age: 38

Profession: Attorney

Question for the First Lady:

“How does she feel about her husband winning the Nobel Piece prize?”

4 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Names: Shamika and Shimille Marius (twins)

Ages: 26

Professions: Safety and Security Concierge and Nursing Home Attendant, respectively

Question for the First Lady:

“We like your style, how do you keep herself together so well?”

5 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: Jermaine Mclaughlin

Age: 34

Profession: Contract Administrator

Question for the First Lady:

“Nine months in, how are your kids adjusting to life in the spotlight and is it difficult to keep them grounded? Did you face any challenges having to uproot your family from Chicago to D.C.?”

6 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: Sheryl Jones

Age: 43

Profession: Jewelry Designer

Question for the First Lady:

“What is the biggest cause you hope to be remembered for after your husband leaves office?”

7 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: Andrew Glaze

Age: 31

Profession: Hedge Fund Manager

Question for the First Lady:

“I’m Jamaican. What are we going to do to increase advocacy for Jamaican rights to increase the relationships between the United States and the Caribbean?”

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Name: Renee Rich

Age: 47

Profession: Assistant Director for a Public Health Education Agency

Question for the First Lady:

“I consider you one of us; somebody that we can just talk to. How do you feel about being in the limelight along with the President? How does that make you feel…not being second to him but on the same level?”

9 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: William Jones

Age: 53

Profession: Disabled Veteran

Question for the First Lady:

“What do you do spiritually to stay on top of your game? And, how do you feel about the assaults against your husband and what do you do to keep from internalizing that? Lastly, how does it feel to have your mother so close to you in your marriage? She [Mrs. Marian Robinson] seems like a really nice lady but there’s always some challenges with in-laws.”

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Name: Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Age: 37

Profession: Fashion Writer

Question for the First Lady:

“Do you consider yourself a style icon?”

11 of 12 Jenisha Watts

Name: Ella Smith

Age: 41

Profession: Event Planner

Question for the First Lady:
“How do you handle the pressure of managing a family, being First Lady, being a lawyer, being a woman and just keeping it all together…how do you prioritize?

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Name: Bagna Braestrap

Age: 23

Profession: Financial Analyst

Question for the First Lady:

“Do you miss the career you had before becoming First Lady?”

What would you ask Mrs. Obama if given the chance? Leave us a comment with your question(s) below.


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