Word On the Street: What Black Men Think About Your Hair

We hit the streets to find out what Black men really think of our hair. From the weaves to the perms we get their take on what it means to have “good hair.” What does your man really think of your do?
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 19, 2009

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We were curious. We wanted to know what men really thought about our hair. Do they care if we add a few pieces here and there? Would they kick us to the curb if we chopped it all off on a whim? ESSENCE.com hit the streets of New York City to find out. These are their sometimes hair-raising responses. Ladies, take note or (not).

Edited By: Marcia Caster
Reporting By: Jenisha Watts

2 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 32
City: Chicago

“I like natural hair, yeah I do. There is something about a girl who can rock natural hair—she’s a little more edgy, a little more secure with herself.”

3 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 27
City: New York City

“I like for my lady to wear her hair straight down—no perm, all natural. I hate going through female’s hair and finding tracks and stuff. I like to see a female rocking natural hair because it shows her in her natural form, natural beauty.”

4 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 24

“Natural hair is the best. I’ll take a perm but I prefer natural. I’ve never dated anyone with a weave but if my girl now decides to get one I would still be with her.”

5 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 28
City: NYC

“I’m not particular when it comes to my woman’s hair but I do like it well-kept. I’ve been in situations where a woman did not want to get their hair wet and I’ve picked them up and dunked them in the pool anyways and she got really mad. But it was fun.”

6 of 15 Jenisha watts

Age: 23
City: Washington, D.C.

“I like straight hair for the most part. I just think it looks better. And I guess I became accustomed to it growing up with my mother and sister—they always wore their hair straight, so that’s all I was used to seeing. I’m not a fan of weaves. They just rub your face and it feels like basketball shorts, it doesn’t feel good.”

7 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 36
City: New York City

“I like for my woman to wear her hair up so I can see her neck. I do have a funny story: I put my hand through this woman’s hair that I was dating, and I guess they put glue to hold it together or something and my watch got stuck. She started yelling, ‘Wait, hold on, don’t touch my hair!’”

8 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 23
City: Washington, D.C.

“My preference is typically curly—it just does it for me. It’s a natural attraction. I’ve never stopped dating a girl because she cut her hair, but my current girlfriend is considering cutting hers. It’s ultimately her choice, but it is a touchy subject.”

9 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 22

“I mostly like relaxed hair. I’m not into the whole nappy thing. I think it’s a cool look but I just like the clean look of relaxed hair. It’s a preference.”

10 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 42
City: New York City

“I think long hair is a good look for taller women but shorter women with a small face look nice with short hair. I don’t like that nappy, nappy hair all the time. If she likes long hair, I like it. But if she has short hair and it doesn’t fit her then we might break up.”

11 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 36
City: New York City

“I have a wife and she wears natural hair and I love it. I remember I used to date this girl and I thought it was her real hair until I found out later that it wasn’t. I don’t like all weaved and glued-in hair because then it comes out and you’re shocked. I can do braids.”

12 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 31
City: Rochester, New York

“I like long hair, the simpler the better. I’ve seen some shorter styles that work like Halle Berry’s cut but I’ve always preferred longer hair. Natural hair is nice on our women but it’s tricky because not all women can wear their hair that way.”

13 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 23
City: New York City

“Honestly, I like a permed hair but it has to be yours. I want to be able to stroke my hand through my girl’s hair without any stops. I want to be able to go from the top without catching any speed bumps or a little derailed track, you know.”

14 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 29
City: New York City

“I like natural hair because it’s her— that’s what I see, that’s what I am gonna get. Imagine this: If a
man wore fake muscles a woman would be real disappointed when they got home. So why do women feel the need to have add-ons? I can think about some of the ladies I’ve met in the club with long hair then in the morning it’s actually short hair. I call it a hat because they wear it like a hat. But seriously, I hate weaves and clip-ons!”

15 of 15 Jenisha Watts

Age: 31
City: New York City

“Natural is nice because it adds personality. The majority of the time straight hair is pretty plain. I will tell you one instance that happened two weeks ago. I was the only male in a salon and at the same time I was the only person with real hair at the salon. I’ve had enough with the tracks, weaves and all types of other things. Don’t get me wrong, some weaves are nice, but let’s just not have weaves all the time.”


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