Word on The Street: Single Black Women

Word on The Street: Single Black Women
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 22, 2010

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I think there’s a Black love crisis in general and the way it’s being spun by the media right now divides us. It’s almost like Black women are being punished for being successful.

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I’m not interested in a man who has nothing and has no ambition, but I have no problem being with someone who actively working towards advancing himself.

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I don’t think Black women are setting their standards too high. We all come from a God who created this world. What woman wants to be with a man who isn’t building and developing?

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Having been an entrepreneur my entire life it’s been a long road filled with highs and lows. If your judgment is based on someone’s professional standard then I think it’s extremely unfair.

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If you’re trying to find a compatible mate that’s along the same lines as you are in terms of education and status, there are definitely less men the higher your income. My question is why is the media focusing on this now?

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If you have superficial ideals on your checklist then you’re gonna get a superficial person. But if you’re looking for a partner and a teammate, those people are out there.

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When I share my education experience with certain men, I feel their persona change and it’s upsetting because you feel this pressure to stay quiet about your accomplishments.

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Black men are already behind the eight ball just in terms of what they have to deal with like oppression, brutality and marginalization. It doesn’t mean we have to sell ourselves into oblivion, but we have to take time to consider what that man needs to be a strong Black man.

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It’s very unfortunate that the media right now is really contributing to the further breakdown of the Black family. Not only do they show us as unattractive and undesirable to other races, now they’re saying our Black men don’t want us.

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I’m an accountant in the sports industry. I find that most men expect you to be that domestic wife and can’t really support someone who might make more money then them.