Word on the Street: Did Obama Deserve the Noble Peace Prize?

Word on the Street: Obama's Noble Peace Prize
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 10, 2009

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I think he absolutely deserves it, especially from the perspective of international law. In the past the United States has not complied with a lot of international regulations, so the stands he has taken and his willingness to negotiate with other countries is a huge step. I think the reason he’s experiencing backlash is because some people aren’t familiar with the way we’ve been received around the world.

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I don’t think he deserved it because he hasn’t been President for long enough. He hasn’t really had any time to prove himself.

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He deserves it, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an African-American. He’s trying to bring the world together. He’s intelligent enough to know the importance of not just helping us here in America, but seeing us as part of a global community.

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You have to consider what he did prior to becoming President. He’s been working on climate change and diplomacy issues before he took office, so you can’t just base the Nobel Peace Prize on what he’s done in the past year. I think he deserves it.

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In one respect, it’s pretty soon in one’s career to be getting such a prestigious prize. But based upon where the country was in terms of how the world viewed this country before he became President, his presence in this role speaks maybe even more volumes that what he’s actually done. Maybe he was given the award for that, versus what he’s actually done.

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There’s really no precise measurement for when peace is established, or can be established. Even though he’s only been President for less than a year, I think he’s still very deserving of it.

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He should not have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, given the length of time that he’s been in office. If you look at the history of the Nobel Peace Prize awardees, they have spent a series of years building up bonafide efforts in certain areas. However, since he has won it, it’s an opportunity for him to build upon an agenda that, over a period of years, he probably would have been awarded for anyway.

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Absolutely he deserves it. Our country’s perception around the world is totally different since his election—we’re looked upon better now. And that’s by virtue of the President doing things more diplomatically with other countries.

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I think what he hasn’t done isn’t the issue here—it’s what he’s thinking. He’s forward thinking about his policies, and that alone is worthy of an award.


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