#WomenCrushWednesday: Sza

We're swooning over this new singer's alternative R&B sound and sexy Tom boy style.

Celia L. Smith May, 27, 2014

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This Billionaire Boys jacket, skin-baring denim and Birkenstock sandals is a crazy, sexy, cool combo –– Sza's signature style recipe.

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She's playing basketball, not in her typical Tom boy attire but a cropped skirt set and Chuck Taylors.

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23 year-old Sza is a 90s child so you'll see the influence seep into her fashion sense, hence the overalls, boxers and tank top.

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Her creativity spans from music to hand sewing flowers onto her robe for "absolutely no reason other than maximum coziness," said the singer. Love it!

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Just a regular day in a cool get-up serving what she calls, "home vibes."

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Like Sza's effortless mash-up of electric-meets-R&B sound, her style is an eclectic mash-up of her taste.

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A pattern party is in effect, and Sza's hosting!

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The singer clearly cannot be boxed in, musically and with her wardrobe.

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Even when she's keeping it low key in all-black with those enviable corset jeans and matching moto jacket, those bouncy curls still steal the show.

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Even in camouflage she's got style that just can't blend in, and we appreciate that.


# Fashion


# Fashion