Women Aging Gracefully

Women Aging Gracefully
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 19, 2010

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Born: July 17, 1935

That Means She’s: 75

Her Secret: Now a character on the hit USA Network series, ‘White Collar,’ Carroll once revealed her beauty secret: “Taking care of your skin is not a secret, but it’s very important. What you eat is the most important thing that I can say about remaining attractive and healthy.”

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Born: January 20, 1966

No Way Is She: 44

Her Secret: Known for her role in the 1995 classic ‘Clueless,’ the mother of two says a lot of her ageless sex appeal is tied to her heart. " I feel most sexy when I’m in love," Dash admits, and after three marriages it’s no wonder she stays looking so young…

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Born: June 19, 1948

That Means She’s: 62

Her Secret: Back in the day she was everyone’s favorite television mother, and to look at her now making an appearance in the film “Just Wright,” it’s apparent she has been taking great care of herself. “Sleep is your best friend — sleep and water. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke,” and her favorite product, “I use Spahtika,” Rashad reveals.

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Born: May 19, 1948

That Means She’s: 62

Her Secret: Grace Jones, the 1985 Bond girl has proven she is a free spirit whose elusive nature makes it hard to pin down what exactly her is secret for looking and staying so spry. Maybe it’s in the oysters she has always claimed a love for, because even in her 60s the singer shows no signs of slowing down.

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Born: May 16, 1966

That Means She Is: 44

Her Secret: With a short hair cut, and a even sassier attitude, maybe Janet’s Jackson timeless look has something to do with her newfound interest in much younger men. She once said, “Mother always raised us to believe that age was just a number…”

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Born: February 27, 1971

No Way Is She: 39

Her Secret: One-third of the all-star pop group TLC is fast approaching 40, and not looking a day over 29. Known for her glowing skin and baby hairs, Chilli insists on taking care of yourself. She says to avoid “not drinking enough water, not getting enough rest, or exfoliating regularly.” She continues “Be mindful of these things and you can fight the aging process.”

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Born: July 25, 1955

No Way Is She: 54

Her Secret: Supermodel Iman once said that slowing down aging all lies in how you maintain your skin. “Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the basic essentials to maintain healthy skin. The skin you take care of in your teens and 20s is the skin you will inherit in your 30s, 40s and beyond,” admits the Somalian mother of two.

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Born: November 26, 1939

That Means She’s: 70

Her Secret: With a pair of legs that a 20-year-old would kill for, Tina Turner has said that although she may have had corrective surgery to fix her nose, no cosmetic surgery or magic product has helped maintain her youthful appearance. “I don’t use special creams or treatments … I believe that a lot of how you look has to do with how you feel about yourself.”

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Born: February 7, 1968

That Means She Is: 42

Her Secret: Who would of known during her time on BET’s 106 and Park, rapper-turned-VJ Free was in her 30s?! Besides choosing to only eat fish and vegetables three days out of every week and exercise regularly, she also believes one’s shine comes from within. “Wake up and know that you have another day and you’re blessed to have that. That will start the whole process of your inner glow.”

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Born: February 6, 1950

No Way Is She: 60

Her Secret: The gray eyed bombshell captivates us with her voice, and her victorious story in her battle with drugs and Hepatitis C. Cole, who obviously cleans up well, relies on a diet of natural fruit and vegetable juices. “It keeps my weight down. It’s great for your liver, it’s great for energy, it’s great for blood pressure.”

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Born: December 19, 1933

That Means She’s: 76

Her Secret: Tyson has had a healthy career since 1957. When it comes to not looking her age, the actress can perhaps credit choosing only positive roles to portray and standing firm in what she believes.

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