#WombFire: 43 Adorable Babies with Afros We Can't Help But Love!

When Beyoncé sang she loves her "baby hair, with baby hair and afros" in "Formation" we couldn't help but agree. These 43 adorable babies with fros remind us that there is nothing wrong with celebrating your curls!

1 of 43 Instagram.com/@_callmesparkle

Slay us Sparkle! Slay!

2 of 43 Instagram.com/aaliyah_dior

Sometimes all you need is some curls and a smile!

3 of 43 Instagram.com/jesssrocks

This curly cutie turned one!

4 of 43 Instagram.com/saige_joule

This curly cutie is serving looks!

5 of 43 Instagram.com/@aiden_j_garcia

We will always think this little curly guy is cute!

6 of 43 Donte Davis

All smiles here! @mimi_mwafrika

7 of 43 Instagram.com/4evermckenzie

Between the olive-green overalls, the puff and the pose, our hearts are exploding!

8 of 43 Instagram.com/blakizbeautyful

Braid-out Beautiful!

9 of 43 Instagram.com/alexandria.claire

We'd give this little guy a hug anytime!

10 of 43 Instagram.com/amiemichelle84

Doc McStuffins AND curly puffs! Too much cuteness!

11 of 43 Instagram.com/christinshootspeople

Curls and dimples, honey!

12 of 43 Instagram.com/amyaappleofficial

The bigger the puff the better!

13 of 43 Instagram.com/ariane_jai

We're suckers for puffs and pacifiers any day!

14 of 43 Instagram.com/christinshootspeople

That 'fro is full!

15 of 43 Instagram.com/cool_kid_zuri

You can never go wrong with a full ballerina skirt and a full head of hair!

16 of 43 Instagram.com/crewglizzy

Not one, but two, curly-haired cuties!

17 of 43 Instagram.com/jusmiandj


18 of 43 Instagram.com/jett_amada

Wash day!

19 of 43 Instagram.com/cynthiacolas

His curls and the color of his eyes are just divine!

20 of 43 Instagram.com/davidhphotography

This little cutie has us smiling from ear to ear!

21 of 43 Instagram.com/erynamelism

Good vibes only with this cutie pie!

22 of 43

The glow and the 'fro!

23 of 43

Look at that little grin!

24 of 43 Instagram.com/lifewithizzyandisrael

Keep the sides clean and the curls strong!

25 of 43 Instagram.com/misskaycox

Sometimes all you need is some sunnies and a bow!

26 of 43 Instagram.com/lyrichurd

Two cuties with two puffs! We can't take it!

27 of 43 Instagram.com/marley_the_natural

You can never go wrong with a flower crown!

28 of 43 Instagram.com/momcrushmonday

There is so much adorable-ness happening!

29 of 43 Instagram.com/mommyandmadison

The best part of bathtime is the bubbles!

30 of 43 Instagram.com/mommyinspires

Her kicks are clean, her outfit is outstanding and her curls are too cute!

31 of 43 Instagram.com/naa_the_dondiva

Sometimes, something as simple as a headscarf can change your whole look!

32 of 43 Instagram.com/ohmyjosiah

Who could say no to this little face!

33 of 43 Instagram.com/omari_sanchez

Nothing beats a hat, a bowtie and a smile!

34 of 43 Instagram.com/original_dollbaby

We're trying to recover from how cute this little one is!

35 of 43 Instagram.com/prvncecash

He's a classic man!

36 of 43 Instagram.com/raisingpeyton

Everything from the headband to the moccassins is too cute for words!

37 of 43 Instagram.com/reeseypiecey

Two types of curls, all kinds of cute!

38 of 43 Instagram.com/riasolanke

Baby brother afros!

39 of 43 Instagram.com/sunnienr14

Big hair and big smiles! We love it!

40 of 43 Instagram.com/TheAvaClarkeDotCom

How beautiful is she!

41 of 43 Instagram.com/The_Kennedy_Marie

So. Much. Hair!!

42 of 43 Instagram.com/toniestes

School bound complete with a bow in the curls!

43 of 43 Instagram.com/kywalkerdesigns

The bow and the 'fro!


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