Wish We Were There! Bey, Jay and Blue Vacay in Italy

Sigh. We can't all jet away on (what looks to be) an ultra-fab Italian vacation like Beyonce, Jay Z and Baby Blue. But luckily, we can live vicariously through their photos. Enjoy! 

Taylor Lewis May, 29, 2015

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Smelling the flowers with Mom is a fantastic way way to spend a day in Italian paradise.

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Jay pauses to take it all in. In related news, we're obsessed with that view.

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You can't go to Europe without indulging in a few macarons. 

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You're coming in loud and clear, Blue! 

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Beyonce shows off her sweet tooth—teeth—as she takes a bite of her gelato. 

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'Round and 'round and 'round they go, where they'll stop, nobody knows!

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From daytime casual to nighttime chic, Beyonce and Jay owned the country.

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Mommy and daughter cozy up in their hotel room and take a breather.

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That mischievous look can only mean one thing: Blue is up to no good.

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That's what we're talking about! Forget about Pizza Hut; let Queen Bey show you how pizza is really done.

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It's a beautiful day to jump into Daddy's arms

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You can't leave Italy without snapping a selfie or two.

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We all know the best part about staying in a hotel room is having the freedom to jump on the bed!

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It's official: Beyonce's fabulosity is transatlantic.

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Nap time! Bey and Blue are worn out from their busy Italian days.

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Jay Z pays homage to some ancient art. 

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We would have to say that our favorite part of this picture is Blue rockin' the Converse sneakers.