The Wire Cast Promotes New Soundtrack

The Wire Cast Promotes New Soundtrack
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 08, 2008

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Catching up with The Wire cast

By Charreah Jackson

The Wire cast members Gbenga Akinnagbe, Corey Parker Robinson, Jamie Hector and Clarke Peters help promote the show’s new soundtrack The Wire: And All the Pieces Matter — Five Years of Music from The Wire at the HBO Shop in NYC.

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“I’m leaving this show well-educated on the board of education and the institutions the show covered. The Wire is reality for a lot of people,“ shares actor Jamie Hector, who plays Marlo Stanfield.

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The Wire cast members share a laugh while meeting some of the show’s biggest fans.

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“I didn’t go into this show thinking it was anything other than a job, but I came away with something much greater and fuller, and I am more understanding of what’s happening in politics in most inner cities in America," says Clarke Peters who plays Detective Lester Freamon. "I’ve come out feeling like an actor on a mission trying to tell a story that needs to be told.”

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Jamie Hector and Clarke Peters are both fans of The Wire’s music selections to help illustrate Baltimore’s toughest issues.

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“It’s been an honor to work on this show and I’m walking away with some life-long relationships with the people I have worked with. We have created a great body of work and it’s been amazing watching us grow through five seasons," says Corey Parker Robinson who plays Detective Leandor Sydnor.

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Gbenga Akinnagbe, who plays Chris Partlow on the show, is all smiles promoting The Wire’s cd.


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