Will You Marry Me 2008 - Hair Ideas

WIll You Marry Me 2008 -'I Do' hairdos
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 05, 2008

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This Nubian-meets-chic style is sleek. Baby’s breath is the perfect finishing touch.

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Full bangs keep all eyes on the bride. Play up your eyes with matte black eyeliner, a radiant nude shadow and two coats of mascara.

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This sophisticated updo puts you center stage. Beautifully arched brows, matte foundation, muted makeup hues in a browned-rose palette and wispy lashes complete this stunning look.

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Work your crowning glory into a spiral-curl ’fro, set off with a delicate jeweled headband.

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Add an adorned flower to a thirties-inspired bob for a timeless affect.


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