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ESSENCE.COM Mar, 16, 2009

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Are you stuck in a style rut? Well, swing into spring with a brand-new do! ESSENCE.com caught up with Dafina Nya Memberr of Sunny’s Hair and Wigs (sunnyshairandwigs.com) for the insider 411 on one of the biggest hair trends this season. Ladies, these are definitely not your Granny’s wigs.

All wigs at left available by calling 866.904.7659 or visiting sunnyshairandwigs.com. Pictured from left to right are: Africa Miranda, Amber Allen and recording artist Stefani Vara.

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“One trend that is really big right now is the direction towards custom or bespoke wigs. They are measured to your scalp and cut and colored to your specifications. In our stores we encourage using wigs as a tool to have healthy hair underneath,” says Dafina. Her family has been providing top-notch, affordable wigs for nearly 20 years. Sunny’s presently has locations in Arizona, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

Pictured: The Naomi Campbell Full Lace Custom Wig, sunnyshairandwigs.com.

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“For a lot of women, wigs are a great way to test the waters before making permanent decisions to cut or color. And then a lot of women work in a very professional [corporate] environment but want to try a different look on the weekend. A wig provides an opportunity to experiment but still be consistent in the workplace. So, have fun on the weekend and then go back to work with your normal look on Monday morning,” says Dafina.

Pictured: Briana Full Lace Wig, sunnyshairandwigs.com.

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“The next wig trend is going with the short, geometric styles. These are not your mother’s wigs. These wigs have a lot less hair and a lot more precision styling. Some look like an expensive haircut,” explains Dafina.

Pictured: R&B singer Tweet rocks a custom wig from Sunny’s Hair and Wigs styled by ATL’s Derek J.

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“There is also a movement towards more natural hair. Manufacturers are paying more attention to quality. I have been natural for eight years, but I like to play with curls in other forms as well,” Dafina says.

Pictured: Amber in Natural & Soft Kinky Curls, sunnyshairandwigs.com.

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Ladies, be sure to take proper care of your wigs. “Longer-hair wigs usually have to rub against wool scarves or coats and over time those elements start to irritate the fibers that the wigs are made with, so pin the long [wig hair] up to protect it if you’re wearing wool items,” warns Dafina.

Pictured: R&B singer Tweet rocks a custom wig from Sunny’s Hair and Wigs styled by ATL’s Derek J.

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“Lacefront wigs are great for women who have alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy. They are also good for entertainers and people who travel a lot for business,” reveals Dafina.

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The adhesive that is used to secure lacefront wigs can be damaging if not used properly, so Dafina highly recommends consulting a professional for application first. "I worry that we’re going to have an epidemic in a few years with traction alopecia from women gluing these wigs to their heads themselves, confesses Dafina.

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“Lacefront wigs have been popular for a couple of years but the trend now is going more in the direction of the wearer’s head being measured so that they fit better. If they’re sized right and they’re made well you don’t have to do as much damage to your hairline to wear them,” explains Dafina.

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“Beverly Johnson just launched a line of wigs that contain gorgeous craftsmanship. They mimic the movement that our own hair would have the hair is a great quality,” raves Dafina.

Pictured: Hayden Lace Front Human Hair Wig from the Beverly Johnson Hair Collection.

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Many rookies assume that wigs require zero maintenance, but Dafina says that this is not true. “Make sure to get a shampoo and conditioner specifically for wigs, particularly if you’re wearing a synthetic wig. Two I like are Brandywine and Henry Margu. You want to avoid products that have a lot of petroleum or mineral oils. Using heavy products will often overwhelm the hair shaft and the cuticle. They can also attract dust and make the wig lose its sheen,” Dafina warns.

Pictured: Beverly Johnson Hair Collection Mischa Synthetic Wig

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Dafina recommends keeping heat under 350 degrees on synthetic wigs and trying to avoid direct heat completely if at all possible. “Consider using steam rollers or using a steamer and a round brush to add body and curls to your synthetic wig,” Dafina advises. “But, of course, you can flat-iron or curl a human-hair wig,” she adds.

Pictured: Beverly Johnson Hair Collection Handmade Dora Wig

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“Rihanna has definitely brought back the focus on wigs that have great cuts and shorter styles,” says Dafina.

Pictured: H222 by Beverly Johnson Hair Collection

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“A lot of relaxed women can’t make the lifestyle change to a natural [chemical-free] style, but a wig allows them the ability to experiment. Same with natural women; a wig allows them to play with precision cuts and straight looks,” shares Dafina.

Pictured: Handmade medium length Oprah-HM4 wig from the Beverly Johnson Hair Collection

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“It’s important to experiment with different looks, so you don’t get stuck in a rut,” comments model turned mogul Iman [April 2009 ESSENCE, on newsstands now] on why she wears wigs in all styles.


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