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YouTube superstar Tiarra Money unveils the magical transformation a modern wig can provide. Looking flawless in a wig takes a few key steps. Monet shares secrets from her custom styling service, Crowned by Monet. 

Charreah K. Jackson Sep, 05, 2014

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Before braiding the hair down, Monet decides where the part of the wig will be so the part in the braid base can line up with the wig’s part. She recommends leaving some of your hair out in the front so you can blend it seamlessly with the wig.

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Wash and condition at least once a month. “You want to keep your hair and the wig happy,” Monet says. “Condition your hair and wear it out a few days so your scalp can breathe.”

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We each have a uniquely shaped skull, making it important that your wig be made for your head. Monet doesn’t use mannequins when styling. “Everyone’s head shape is different, so stock wigs don’t look as natural,” she says.

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“Wigs allow you to wear color without damaging your hair,” Monet says. Before sewing tracks onto the wig cap, she lightens the wefts with hair bleach, then applies hues from reds and browns to blues and blonds.

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Who says a wig and an updo can’t work? The secret is a well-placed scarf. Monet ties her hair into a pony at the crown, folding and tucking the tail into a loose bow. Her head tie conceals the back of the wig.

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Monet secures her wigs with a few stitches between the wig cap and the top of the braids. “Three stitches [front, middle and back], that’s it,” she says. White thread makes it less likely that you cut your own hair or the wig upon removal.


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