Why I Cheated: Women Reveal Their Biggest Cheating Confessions

These brave readers come clean to ESSENCE about when and why they cheated.

Charli Penn Apr, 15, 2014

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Sometimes the only way to move on is to come clean. Read along as readers who committed an indiscretion anonymously spill the beans.

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“I once slept with my boyfriend’s college roommate while he went out to get us breakfast. There was a lot of chemistry between us and it all just happened so fast. I felt so bad when he returned that I almost threw up. I told him months later and he couldn’t forgive me. I don’t blame him.” - W.W

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“My current boyfriend was out of town for the weekend and I bumped into an ex from way-way back while shopping at a nearby Target. We talked in his car in the parking lot for hours and I’m not proud of what happened next. Never told a soul but it happened.” – T.S

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“I cheated on my husband because I was tired of him watching porn instead of watching anything I ever did. He liked the porn more than me at that time, so I found something I liked more than him. I ended the affair and we’re both in a better place now. I don’t think he suspects anything but it will always weigh heavy on my heart.” – A.L.

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“I cheated on my boyfriend just because he wasn’t giving me enough attention at the time. Then along came *Mike, this charming guy and I fell for him at hello. We’re together now but I regret everything that ever happened then. Later on he still discovered that I cheated on him.” – C.H.

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“I cheated on my ex-boyfriend because he was a cheater himself. I was getting even with him. But it turned out very badly. He almost killed me when he found out, so I had to leave him.”

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“I must admit that I have cheated before. I met this man I thought was the perfect guy for me. He had everything my mate was missing so I started a relationship with him. Come to find out, the guy was already married. But by the time I found out I was already so in love with him. To make a long story short, I separated from my mate to be this man’s sidepiece for two years. I soon found out that he was cheating on me. I went back to my guy and left that man alone. It doesn't pay to cheat. It might feel good in the beginning, but in the end, it hurts everyone.” – A.F.

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“I cheated on my boyfriend because I felt neglected. Whenever I wanted to hang out with him, he said he just wasn’t feeling up to going out. I cheated on him with the guy I met during the first year I dated my boyfriend. I felt guilty immediately and whenever I was with him I couldn’t look him in the eyes. That’s how scared I was. I felt like my boyfriend knew that I was cheating on him. Now we’re no longer dating.” – L.  For more cheating confessions from real women, pick up the May 2014 issue of ESSENCE magazine, on stands now.