Who's Your 2015 Beauty Spirit Animal?

These ladies stole the rep carpet this year. Find out which celeb is your beauty twin.

Virginia Lowman Dec, 22, 2015

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Beyoncé if you like makeup but you're definitely more of a natural beauty kind of girl. You usually stick to nude shadows or warm metallics paired with a peachy pink lip, a little bit of contouring, groomed brows and a whole 'lotta' glow. I mean, what more could you possibly need? You woke up flawless anyway!

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Gabrielle Union your friends think you're a class act. You are the epitiome of elegance and you always stun with a bold lip or a sultry smokey eye. You keep it simple, but super chic and complete every look with a hint of highlighter for the perfect glow.

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Tracee Ellis Ross if you're a little daring. You pair bold lips with bold eyes seamlessly and you were the first of your friends to try that blue or purple lip shade. 

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Zendaya if you are a beauty chameleon. You don'e believe makeup is made for rules and your friends never know what to expect when you walk out of the door. You transition easily between bold lips and the no-makeup makeup look. If there's a beauty trend, you've tried it and you're the beauty guru of your crew.

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Zoe Kravitz if you're look is more on the edgy side. You consider your septum ring to be beauty accessory and you love to play with graphic liners. A full face of makeup is never your thing, you think it looks too much like drag. You're all about about clear skin, and balmy lips and the right amount of glow in all the right places.


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