What Your Celeb Beauty Crush Says About You

Every beauty lover has a celeb crush she can't keep her eyes off of.  From Solange's signature bold lip to Michelle O's perfectly-sculpted brows, here's what your girl crush reveals about your beauty manifesto.

Nicole Marie Cato Aug, 18, 2015

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You're daring at heart, but your style choices are always consistent. You don't follow trends, because for you, the ultimate accessory is your favorite red lip which will forever be a classic. You'll choose a bold shadow or a bold lip, but never both because you believe that less is more. 

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Beauty girls love Janelle for her signature crimson-kissed lip and natural updos.  A red lip never goes out of style and we never tire of seeing it on Janelle. We also adore how her skin always looks picture perfect, which says a lot about her skin care routine.  She knows that beauty comes from the inside out.

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While Sasha Fierce is a woman of many faces, Beyonce's makeup mantra is "keep it simple."  Lately, Bey has opted for a neutral makeup look for her red carpet appearances, complete with clean, glowy skin, natural brows and shiny lip gloss.  Black mascara and eyeliner finish the look to make Bey's peepers pop.

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You're a diva deep inside who knows how to keep it classy.  Beyond your bright, perfectly-lined eyes and pretty smile, there's a hardworking woman who's not afraid to try new a new makeup look from time to time, but is confident enough to always return to the basics. You'll rock a nude lip from day to night and make it look fab no matter the occasion. 

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Kerry Washington has quite the beauty resume. She's adventurous when it comes to her makeup, never one to shy away from an occasional bright red lip or sultry eye. Although she's willing to experiment with color, she always looks sophisticated and never over-the-top.

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The key to Kerry's glow is to pick a stand-out pout or opt or a dramatic eye, but never both.  This one-or-the-other approach makes a bold statement without feeling overdone. Kerry is also known for keeping her hair very simple and elegant. Face-framing layers or a sleek bun will always accentuate a flawless face.

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Mrs. O can always be seen in a clean, natural face whether she's working in her garden or jet setting across the world. She prefers sculpted brows, cinnamon toned blush and shiny gloss on most days, but will occasionally up the ante with dark, wispy lashes for more formal occasions.

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With a jam-packed schedule that includes business meetings and family commitments, your daily beauty routine has to be reliable enough to get glam in a pinch, so you stick with what you know. You're so committed to your go-to look, you probably have 9 shades of nude lip gloss and swear they each look different (hey, no judgment here!). You know what works and you're confident in your natural beauty. 

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Tracee loves makeup that is as bright as her personality.  The actress is known for her big smile and even bigger hair, which makes for a one-two beauty punch. She regularly accentuates her smile with a color-rich lip and is never afraid to flaunt her lush, thick curls.

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You have an inner and outer glow that turns heads wherever you go.  Color is your friend, and your lipstick collection ranges from bright tangerines to fun-loving pinks and purples. You're really big on skincare because you don't like to look overdone, so instead you tend to pair a bold lippie with a lightweight tinted moisturizer or BB creme.

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Solange's beauty mantra is anything goes. From electric orange lips to graphic eyeshadow, this style star has tried it all. Her makeup looks are unpredictable, which is one of many reasons we're so obsessed with her.  Her eclectic sense of style always makes a bold statement whether she's bare-faced on the beach or glowing on the red carpet.

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When you're as free-spirited as Solange, there are no rules to your routine. There are days when you'll rock a candy-colored lip, and there are days when you'll wear almost no makeup at all. You're not afraid to splurge at the makeup counter at Neiman's but you have a drawer full of $5 drugstore products, too, because you love discovering new ways to but your best face forward.

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Tamera's days are busy with a daily talk show, a blissful marriage and two kids under the age of three.  For someone with so much on her plate, getting glam in a flash requires a dependable makeup routine and two-for-one products that are easy to use and simple to master.

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You've learned how to whittle down your makeup routine to pull off a five-minute face. Your goal is not to look perfectly flawless, but you're more interested in looking fresh-faced.  Multi-purpose makeup is your best friend, so you love practical products, such as tinted moisturizers, roll-on bronzers, chubby lip pencils and eyeshadow sticks. 


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