What You Said: Your Mom's Best Advice About Men

Your Mom's Best Advice About Men
ESSENCE.COM May, 06, 2012

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“No glove, no love.” – Tiffany H.

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“My mom always said if a man can’t look you in the eye when you meet him, he’s no good.” – Kristen

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“‎If you lay down with DOGS you get up with fleas." – Kentisha

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“My mom would say to me, ‘Never love a man more than yourself dear!’” – Suzi

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“A man that don’t work, don’t eat!” – Nikki

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“You can’t change a man. Meet a man who is capable to you!” – Tracey

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“Men are just like buses. You miss one and the next is on its way!” – Majela

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“Pay attention to how they treat their mother because that’s how they will treat you!” – Denise

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“If there is one thing that will run a man off quicker than anything else, it is a baby, so don’t get pregnant thinking that will keep him. If he’s not ready to be a man or father, the baby will add to the stress of responsibility and he will definitely run!” – Maria

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“My Mom said wait as long as possible before getting married. Travel, live alone and figure out who you are first because when the husband and kids come along your life is not your own anymore!” – Stacy

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“Let a man be a man.” – Theresa

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“If God and his mother are not a priority, you won’t be either.” – Claudia

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“When a person shows you their true colors, believe them. And, don’t wait for anything to fall out the sky into your lap. You gotta go out and get it for yourself.” – Krisha