What You Said: What A Man Does to Turn You On

What You Said: What A Man Does to Turn You On
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 15, 2011

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“Know his bedroom business… WELL.” — Prima

What woman doesn’t love a man who knows his way around the bedroom? When his between-the-sheets tactic show perfectionism and polish, a woman is bound to fall — hard!

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“Picks me up roughly then sets me down gently.” — Michelle

Amen! A firm grip from a fine man, who’s also in touch with his sensitive, sensual side is what we call a win-win situation.

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“Thinks outside the box!” — Katrina

Although there’s nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned loving, it’s nice to get in between the sheets with a man who wants to try something new.

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“Makes me breakfast after a night of hot romantic sex.” — Yvett

When a man can please your body and your taste buds, you’ve found a keeper, for sure.

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“Caresses me!” — Sirena

Agreed! If he’s got the magic touch, what’s there to complain about? The way we see it, absolutely nothing!

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“Smells delicious” — Taunalynn

We couldn’t agree more. The right scent on a man can be down right irresistible.

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“Takes control of the situation.” — Tasha

Who doesn’t like a man who knows when to take charge? Although women do love to be in charge, it’s nice to know we don’t always have to give a man a map to find our love.

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“Calls my name!”

There’s something both endearing and erotic about hearing him call out your name in the heat of passion.

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“Stimulates my mind as well as my body.” — TaMara

Nothing is sexier than a man with beauty and brains.

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“Kisses me on the nape of my neck.”

Every woman has a hotspot and when her man finds it everyone wins.

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“Knows when I want it, and how to give it to me, despite the circumstances.” — Amber Leigh

A woman wants what a woman wants. When a man gets that and knows how to pick up on the signals she’s giving, he’s golden!

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“Looks in my eyes.” — Vanessa

You know that moment where his eyes meet yours and the mood is fantastic? Blissful isn’t it?