What You Said: What Makes You Feel Blessed During the Holidays?

What You Said: What Makes You Feel Blessed During the Holidays?
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 22, 2011

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“Life and seeing my children happy.” — Mizzes Trina

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“Knowing that I put a smile on my loved ones’ faces.” — Alicia

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“Waking up to another day with family, friends and the spirit of giving back to the community.” — Camille

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“Having God in my life, family, friends and being alive!!! Grateful!” — Diana

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“For the first time in my adult life, I am no longer subjected to the abuse by a so-called family member. As of today, that person is OUT of my life for good and it feels so good to free myself from it! God is so good!” — Turia

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“The fact that I can get through this divorce with God on my side and my kids are still all smiles.” — Tiffany

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“I’m so blessed to have my mother alive. The doctor said she wasn’t gonna make it, and if she did make it, she would never walk or talk. But God asked me whose report will you believe? This Christmas I have a mother that walks and talks plenty. I’m so blessed I thank God that Jesus is the reason for the season and that with him all things are possible.” — Shari

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“Knowing no matter what happens, I can deal with it. Then being able to connect with others; friends and family in love and fellowship. Lastly noticing the effort everyone goes out of their way to show others just how much they care about each other. Nice.” — Carleta

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“Strangers’ kindness and courtesy… Everyone’s so warm this time of year.” — Colvinita

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“To be blessed and healthy and to have the love of my family. And to celebrate the birth of Christ.” — Trina

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“My belief in God, my children, and my sound mind, body, and health.” — San

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“The birth of my baby girl last week, she is happy, healthy, and precious!” — Danesha

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“God letting me see another Christmas and a chance to spread more of his love!” — Liz