What You Said: How to Talk To Teens About Sex

What You Said: How to Talk To Teens About Sex
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 09, 2011

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“I am REAL with them about sex. I teach them sex has many names, “Herpes, HIV, etc. I pull up pictures on the net, and show them how diseases look.” — Kimberley

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“I talk openly and honestly and I use body parts’ real names. We talk about EVERYTHING. Sometimes I initiate the talk and sometimes he does, but whenever he wants to talk or has a question, I drop everything and we talk. Also, we talk about girls bodies and body parts. He knows about periods, fallopian tubes, and knows the function of the uterus. I don’t want him getting his (mis)information from another clueless 15 yr old.” — Tiffany

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“Be as honest as you can. If they ask a question, take the time to answer and explain in terms they can understand. Look up information TOGETHER and listen to their points of view. In today’s world it will make a lot of difference to learn about sex from you as parents, than to die trying to figure it out for themselves..” — Kimberley

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“Abstinence is my first lesson but if they choose to do so they need to be prepared and protected” — Tanya

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“I started talking to my daughter about sex at a young age. Our kids pretty much know more then we think they do. I chose not to talk about sex in a “negative” way. I believe that kids rebel more when you forcefully say “you better not be having sex”. My daughter and I openly talk about sex, straight forward, no small talk. I explained to her the emotions that come along with sex, STD’s, the ones you can get rid of and the ones you can’t, pregnancy and how hard it is to raise a child even though GOD doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to life." — Keisha

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“Straight forward,no sugar coating. Sex is about penises and vaginas. Birds and bees have nothing to do with it.” — Griffin

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“I gave it to them straight…Biblical perspective and world perspective…watched a Dr. Drew episode and a Tyra show about the STD’s and opened the door to answer questions and have real talk whenever!” — Cynthia

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“1) Explain to them your mistakes… 2) Don’t preach… 3) Let them ask questions… 4) Answer them honestly.” – Arena

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“Explain the value of their body. That it isnt meant to be shared with just anyone, and everyone. That when you have sex, you open yourself up to another spiritually. Allow them to ask questions and answer them honestly. Open Door Policy so you can empower them and they can trust to come to you for advice.” — Cecily

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“i never had to have “the talk” because i always spoke honestly and openly (in an age appropriate way) to my 2 daughters and my son." — Sonji

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“Tell them the…TRUTH!” — Lesley

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“I tell the girls and boys the same thing. To honor their body and dont give it away to just any old body. To talk to their parents before they do it.” — Wendy