What You Said: Fave Natural Hair Tools

What You Said: Fave Natural Hair Tools
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 02, 2011

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“CurlFormers give me beautiful, elongated spirals.” — Gregonnia Donaldson (CurlFormers Short & Wide Styling Kit, $48.95, curlformers.com)

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“A rat tail comb is a must-have! I use the sharp edge to part my hair for styling, and use the comb to shape my ‘baby hair.’ — Shanda Webb (try Ulta Ionic Rat Tail Comb, $2.49, ulta.com)

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“I like to sponge curl my short bush to give it some unique shape and style!”
— Samara Love Rose (try Salon Satin Care Foam Rollers, $4.29, sallybeauty.com)

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“I love my soft bonnet dryer for hot oil treatments and deep conditioners.”
— Niketris Boots Wilson (try Belson Gold N Hot Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, $13.47, amazon.com)

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“I love using a fine toothed comb while I flat iron my hair. This gives me a smooth press that looks just like I came from the salon!” — Leslie Moore (try Ace Finetooth Pocket Comb, $3.24, amazon.com)

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“I use a spray bottle with water to keep my hair moist when I twist it up! At night, I wrap my hair in a silk scarf.” — Pamela Whitfield (try Tolco Empty Spray Bottle, $3.88, amazon.com)

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“I comb through my daughters’ natural hair with a wide tooth comb in sections while the conditioner is still in.”
— April James-Richardson (try Sephora Wide Tooth Comb, $4, sephora.com)

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“I love my LocSoc to hold my locs!”
— Sarai Francine Yisrael
(Loc Soc, $14, soclocsoc.com)

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“Sometimes I use a hot comb off the stove to straighten my hair. It’s a lot of heat, but at least it’s not chemicals!” — Etoshia Jones (try Golden Supreme Press Comb, $14.99, folica.com)

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“I like to use flexi rods for cute curls. I also use a t-shirt to dry my hair after washing it; works wonders!” — Michele Harris (try Diane Twist-flex Rods, $4.88, metrobeauty.com)

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“I use bobby pins and hair pins to create different styles.” — Jacki Charles Booby
(try Goody Black Bobby Pins, $1.18, amazon.com)

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“Hands are the best tools to massage the scalp and distribute oil. Massage helps to oxygenate the scalp (via increased blood flow) and facilitate hair growth.” — D Kdjah Smith

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“I use my Denman Brush to detangle, starting from the end of hair and work your way to the roots.”
— Donna Hannah-Moody (Denman Small Paddle Brush, $8.99, folica.com)

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“I detangle with my round hair brush! Half of it has thin bristles, while the other half has thicker ones with plastic knubs.” — Sharon Enriquez Marin (Hot Tools Pink Round Brush, $12.99, folica.com)

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“I keep it simple…a black pick does my hair just fine!” — Paulette Payne
(try Conair Styling Essentials Metal Pick, $2.79, walgreens.com)


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