What to Wear: Black Friday Gear

Beat the shopping frenzy with these insider tips. Plus, what to wear in the madness.

Celia L. Smith Nov, 15, 2013

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Breeze by the others running around the mall in super light-weight, flexible kicks.

"Free 3.0," NIKE, $110, nike.com.

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These punchy touch screen gloves will keep you warm while standing on line and seamlessly communicating with your shopping partner.

Leather and spandex touchscreen gloves, UR Powered, $54, urpowered.com.

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Keep a light load in an Ultra Light Down jacket you can pack up in it's own little bag when things heat up inside.

Ultra Light Down jacket, Uniqlo, $70, uniqlo.com.

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While other shoppers are undressing you'll be slipping in-and-out of your fashion finds with ease.

"Heat Tech" leggings, Uniqlo, $13, uniqlo.com.

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Keep your hands-free to grab all the goods you can find.

Leather waist bag, MICHAEL Michael Kors, $78, zappos.com.


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