What Type Are You?

What Type Are You?
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 27, 2009

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We know you’ve done it: Sat around with a bottle of wine and your closest girlfriends to dish on which television character most matches your dating personality. Your best college buddy is fiery and no nonsense like Maya from “Girlfriends” while you’ve always been the gullible hopeless romantic like Sinclaire from “Living Single.” Regardless of which diva you most resemble, you’re sure to find your on-screen type in love and life here…

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Joan from “Girlfriends”: You’re in love with love and have had your entire wedding planned since you were 12.

How to Reel You In: Having fresh tulips delivered to your job “just because.”

Pros of Dating You: You celebrate every anniversary…including the first time you and your beau watched “Love Jones” together.

Cons of Dating You: You’re typically picking out your china pattern by the third date.

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Sinclaire James from “Living Single”: The sappy one in the crew—you cry during television commercials and still have a love note from your fifth-grade boyfriend.

You Can Be Found: In an animal shelter caring for stray puppies.

Your Ideal First Date: A walk in a public park and a picnic with homemade sandwiches.

Your First Date Outfit: A thrift-store-find sundress with Birkenstocks and your natural hair free-flowing just like your love.

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Pam James from “Martin”: You don’t take mess from anyone—especially a trifling man!

You Can Be Found: Being escorted out of the club for “almost fighting.”

Your Ideal First Date: Dinner at Red Lobster or Olive Garden—you can’t be bothered with “uppity” folks.

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Maya Wilkes from “Girlfriends”:
You’ll do anything for your husband and kids but still haven’t forgotten about your girls from around the way.

Your First Date Outfit: Your best fitting pair of designer jeans and a simple but fashionable top. Oh, and don’t forget the stiletto heels—they double as a weapon in case you find your man staring at a chick nearby.

How to Reel You In: Dedicating New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain?” to you on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

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Lena James from “A Different World”: Your idea of a heartfelt ballad is “You’re All That I Need” by Method Man and Mary J. Blige.

Pros of Dating You: Holding hands while listening to slow jams makes you cringe. You would much rather hang with your man and his boys while watching the game.

Cons of Dating You: Your attitude has been known to frighten small children and the elderly.

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Lynn Searcy from “Girlfriends”: Eclectic and carefree, you go with the flow and play the hand life deals you. The same goes for your sex life.

How to Reel You In: While taking calls at your latest temporary job, you can’t resist his sexy deep voice.

Pros of Dating You: You’re willing to try anything once and men love to take advantage of your rent-free status.

Cons of Dating You: You’ve slept with the guy that you claim is just “one of the girls.”

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Maxine Shaw from “Living Single”: You think like a man and have been known to replace them quicker than your Samsonite briefcases.

You Can Be Found: Celebrating your latest victory in the courtroom with a bottle of champagne. What can you say? You’re the best at what you do.

Your Ideal First Date: A hefty dinner at an upscale restaurant that proves he can grab the tab just as you can.

Your First Date Outfit: A business suit because you didn’t have time to change after winning today’s big case.

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Whitley Gilbert from “A Different World”: You’re the southern debutante who put BAPS (Black American Princesses) on the small screen map and you’re waiting for Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet.

Your First Date Outfit:
Fresh off the latest runway, you are laced in designer duds. You also don’t feel the need to flaunt your fabulosity so an understated black dress could easily cost a couple grand.

How to Reel You In:
A guy boasting about his job or wealth won’t impress you. The best way to catch and hold your attention is to step outside the box and show he’s adventurous and fun, while still able to keep you in the lifestyle with what you are accustomed.

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Hilary Banks from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”: You can spot the difference between Gucci and Gotcha from a mile away and use the same careful discernment when picking your dates.

You Can Be Found: Shopping, at the spa, or at lunch with your dad asking for some financial love.

Your Ideal First Date: Five-star dinners, a night on the town or a theater-opening are expected. A surprise getaway to an exotic city for the evening on your new guy’s private jet is also your style. You’re accustomed to the best and expect nothing less from someone trying to hold your attention.

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Thelma Frye from “Amen”: Yes, you’re a daddy’s girl and you’re not apologizing for it. People may prejudge you at first for your spoiled ways, but under that whiny voice is a heart of gold.

Pros of Dating You: You’ve been groomed for the good life from the beginning, so you make the perfect party hostess and a consummate companion for a CEO or politician. Your charm and air of sophistication can help him seal any deal. You know your worth and aren’t one to constantly ask, “does this make my butt look big?”

Cons of Dating You: You expect to be spoiled by your man, which can be a bit of turn off for some brothers—especially in this economy. You also pay yourself a lot of attention, which doesn’t always leave room for compromise.

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Khadijah James from “Living Single”: Your career is at the top of your priority list, men see you as one of the boys, and you’re your girlfriends’ favorite shoulder to cry on.

You Can Be Found: Running your own business while always serving as the mother figure for your girls.

Your Ideal First Date: A night of harmless fun at the Knicks game.

Your First Date Outfit: Kicking it in a pair of casual jeans and a your college sweatshirt.

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Kimberly Reese from “A Different World”: A hard worker, you hold multiple jobs to make ends meet while remaining positive and upbeat. Men are often intimidated by your drive.

How to Reel You In: He appreciates your goals and surprises you with a gift. There’s nothing more thoughtful and romantic than buying you your first stethoscope.

Pros of Dating You: You can hold a stimulating conversation without sounding like a bore.

Cons of Dating You: You may be too busy, so scheduling much needed quality time may be work within itself.

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Regine Hunter from “Living Single”: She changes her men more than her hairstyles. Status and money are prerequisites to catch her eye as she works her way to the top.

You Can Be Found: At the bar scoping your next guy or getting a pedicure compliments of the old one.

Your Ideal First Date: Picked up in a sleek ride, you would like a fabulous dinner for two with flowing wine and a pricey gift.

Your First Date Outfit: A fitted suit to show off her best "ass"ets with a big enough bag to carry your expected gift home.

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Toni Childs from “Girlfriends”:
Love may not cost a thing, but your company is another matter. You expect to be wined and dined and compensated for your time.

How to Reel You In: Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, and a Corvette or condo won’t hurt.

Pros of Dating You: You’re the life of the party and all are guaranteed to have a good time with you around.

Cons of Dating You: We’re not saying you’re a gold digger . . . but you’re not talking to any broke brothers. Your high-maintenance ways can get expensive and may limit the activities a guy would like to do for your fear of a chipped nail.

Now tell us, which type are you?