What To Know About Beauty in Spring 2016

The spring/summer 2016 shows were peppered with color, super fresh skin, and lots of shimmer! Your favorite beauty editor's were behind the scenes to capture it all! Consider this your beauty lookbook for the next time the weather warms up.

Virginia Lowman Sep, 16, 2015

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Glossy pink lips fare well with a subtle pink shadow and create a look that is super fresh and girly.

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Flawless gets a makeover next spring. It's all about"undone" beauty. Think: mascara that's a little smudged and barely-there nude lips. 

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Don't toss that metallic liner, it's making  a comeback next spring! Pictured here at Kate Spade.

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Take a cue from Sally LaPointe and have a little fun with your brows; they may be your favorite accessory next season!

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Floating liner is the new beauty craze. Forget lining your lashline and try painting your crease instead!

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Keep it simple! Balmy lips and full brows offer a chance to cut your morning makeup routine in half!

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Of course, skin is always in! Get the extra glow by exfoliating regularly. And remember, illuminating serums and creams aren't just for the face. They give shoulders and decollte a gorgeous summery glow, too!

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Flushed lips and contoured cheeks still reign supreme! 

Isa Arfen SS16

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Warm weather and flushed cheeks continue their long-standing love affair. Opt for a pop of color concentrated on the apples of your cheeks. Warmer complexions should look for peachy-apricot or plum shades to compliment their rich undertones.

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Obviously contouring is around to stay, but do remember to blend! 

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Lived-in makeup takes center stage. Forget about perfect liner or fixing smudged mascara. Add a pop of color to lips and cheeks for a cool girl look that says "I didn't have to try."

Houghton SS16

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Barely-there makeup and smoothe balmy lips. Lip balm is your new beauty bestie.

Adeam SS16

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Glossy lids and smokey eyes are sure to become stples in your beauty portfolio.

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Bold matte lips set the stage for spring.

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Repeat after me, "Glowy skin is always in."

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For nights when a simple winged liner just won't do, get a little crafty and opt for a graphic cateye instead!

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Millenial girls get to hold onto their kohl liner for another season!

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Remember how orange lips had a moment this spring? Well, 'orange is the new black' may ring true in the beautysphere as well!

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Trade in your black liner- neons are back!

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Don't shy away from shimmer!  Powder and cream shimmer shadows will be your new date night saving grace.

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Eayes are the new canvas— get crafty with graphic lines!

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Take it back to the 90s by lining your lower water line with a kohl kajal. Keep the rest of your makeup super simple.

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Don't have freckles? Stipple them on with a brow marker. Or, just step up your skin care and flaunt dewy, runway-ready skin.

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Match your blush shade to your lip shade and blend color upward from the apples of your cheeks. Pair with winged liner and full brows.

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Jay Maunel created a structural eye look using shades of green and blue backstage at Bibhu Mohapatra. Think: painterly lines in aqua hues. 

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Create the ultimate nude by trading in your lipstick for concealer. Add a peachy-apricot blush to the apples of your cheeks for a fresh flush and line you water line with your favorite kajal.

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Pair bold, orangy-red lips with groomed brows. Hit the outter corners of you lashes with a wolumizng mascara are you've got a look that's perfect for day and night.

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Brighten up your eyes with a neon pop of color! Line your lower waterline with your favorite spring hue. If you're feeling ecclectic, accent the look with a pinch of silver speckled wherever you choose. 

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If pink isn't for you, then opt for blue!

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The "no makeup" gets a lot easier net spring. Forget ful covereage; perfect your canvas by spot treating with concealer where neccessary.

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Don't toss that clear gloss just yet! Kohl liner and glossy, shimmer lips are the beauty staples of summer '16.

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Goth meets glam when glowy skin and flushed cheeks are paired with dark, vampy lips.

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Makeup maestro, Pat McGrath once told us that wine-colored lipsticks are perfect year round. Here's proof! 

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Wet lids are still in full effect. Using your finger, pat a clear gloss onto your eyelid and line your lower lash line in black.

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Contoured cheeks and smoked out lids are the perfect look for your next spring evening soiree.

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If falsies aren't your thing, forgoe that lashes for a volumizing mascara. Pair bold lashes with a true blue-red matte lipstick, smokey lids, and add a little gold shimmer to the inner corners for a flirty look that's a little Moulin Rouge.

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Flirt with different lipstick shades next spring, like this vibrant purple hue.

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A sublte gold shimmer shadow makes kohl-lines eyes look dressedup.

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Neon shadows look retro chic when splashed on lids and married with orange-stained lips.

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Lighten up your smokey eye by switching up your black for brown. It's still super chic, but way more summer spring-friendly.

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Play with pinky-nudes and flushed balmy cheeks for an instant summer babe glow.

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Dust your eyes wth an über pigmented shadow and blend upward from the crease. If you're up to it, tint your brows, too!

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Eyes get a graphic upgrade using stencils and gel liner.

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Add dimension to a charcoal smokey eye ith shades of blue.


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