Week in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Week in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 30, 2012

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Guess what America, Black people love Mad Men! So imagine our delight at seeing us finally represented on the season 5 premiere this past Sunday. Granted, none of the Black characters spoke, but hey, we’re guessing the producers of the show have finally decided to render us visible, and vocal (the opening scene featured a civil rights protest) this season. “The is the most Black people I’ve ever seen on Mad Men,” tweeted Roots drummer, Questlove. Here’s to seeing more Black characters this season.

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When it comes to reality show drama queens, few can top the antics of Basketball Wives star Tami Roman. Turns out her heart doesn’t like, or need, all that extra stress. The reality star, 41, suffered a “mild heart attack” this week, causing us to dole a severe eye roll her way, because, sister to sister, Tami, it’s time to ease back on all that drama. Get well.

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The smear campaign against Trayvon Martin went into full effect this week. In a classic case of blaming the victim, FOX News host Geraldo Rivera said the hoodie Martin wore on the night of his death “was as much responsible for [his] death as George Zimmerman.” Days later, several news outlets would report that the 17-year-old had been suspended from school on several occasions and had been a recreational marijuana user – all in an attempt to cast Martin as yet another scary Black man who deserved what he got.

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Magic Johnson

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Never mind that Hunger Games made a ginormous amount of money at the box office in its first week (it grossed $155 million, if you care), or that it has one of the most diverse casts we’ve seen in a big-budget Hollywood film in a while, racist fans took to social media to question why some characters, like Rue (played by actress Amandla Stenberg, right) were Black. Could it be because the original book describes Rue as having “dark brown skin,” ignoramus?

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The good news is Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are always available to remind us that Black love is alive and well. This week the couple, who’ve gone through a rough patch these past few months because of Nick’s ongoing health issues, announced that they would be renewing their vows for the fourth time. “I just have to keep doing it to make sure it’s real!” Cannon told Life & Style.

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Bobby B! What are we going to do with you? First, you caused us deep sadness by walking out of Whitney’s funeral in February. A month later and you’re in the news for reportedly driving under the influence? The New Edition singer was seen talking on his cell phone while driving, which prompted police to pull him over. Brown allegedly showed signs of intoxication and failed a sobriety test. He was released later that day, though his lawyer tells ESSENCE.com that Brown was not driving erratically.

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