We Watch Too: 13 Unexpected TV Shows We Love!

The idea that Black people only watch Black shows is so last century. These days you'll find us waxing poetic about everything from Downton Abbey to New Girl and Modern Family. Just in time for the Emmys later this month, we're taking a look at 13 shows we're watching.

ESSENCE Editors Sep, 13, 2013

1 of 13 Fox

I developed a girl crush on Mindy Kaling after reading her memoir Is Everyone Hanging Without Me? So when her own show came on Fox, I was all in. I love that her character is super smart and super insecure all at the same time. It's brilliant.  - Wendy Wilson, News Editor, ESSENCE

2 of 13 HBO

“This season they all about Jazz in the 1920s! Jeffrey Wright and Michael Kenneth Williams are sure to wow this season.” - Elosi Ikharo, Manager of Digital Sales Development

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"Watching Walt go from chemistry teacher to meth kingpin is the perfect combination of addictive, jarring and phenomenal TV. It's a dark, dark show with a lot of heart — which, in our household, is also known as something my husband and I can actually watch together and enjoy. (And, that's rare!)" - Charli Penn, Relationships Editor, ESSENCE.com

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"The upstairs family/downstairs family dramas are so juicy you just can't pick your jaw up from the episode's start to finish. From married cousins and catty teas, to dead prince's and murderous maids, this show really puts the "s"in Scandal." – Charli Penn, Relationships Editor, ESSENCE.com

5 of 13 NBC

"OMG! I cannot say enough good things for those people into sci-fi. The story lines are so creative, the makeup is impeccable and you fall in the love with the hero (main character) in the show." - Wendy Wilson, New Editor, ESSENCE

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“This is totally a guilty pleasure. But to see how dirty, nasty and poorly run some of America's most beloved restaurants are is startling! It certainly gives me pause before I order from any ol' spot in the neighborhood.” - Derrick Taylor, Associate Editor, ESSENCE.com

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"I'm secretly in love with Mariska Hagarty but I do miss Christopher Meloni's character a LOT. You're invested in these characters and it's ripped from the headline stories that are it's filmed in NYC.  - Wendy Wilson, News Editor, ESSENCE.com

8 of 13 Fox

"I LOVE Zoe Deschanel in New Girl! There's something oddly funny about watching a socially awkward girl go through life and live with three macho men. – Derrick Taylor, Associate Editor, ESSENCE.com

9 of 13 Jill Greenberg/ Netflix

“I'd like to thank Netflix for giving the people what they want: An amazing new prison drama, starring women, with good acting from virtually unknown actresses, that we don't have to wait a whole season to fully enjoy. All 13 episodes were released at once, so you can binge watch it or watch your favorite episodes over and over again.  Watching what happens when a privileged White woman winds up in a prison where she's the minority.”  - Charli Penn, Relationships Editor, ESSENCE.com

10 of 13 BBC America

“Why am I a proud member of the #CloneClub? Because each episode peels back another fascinating layer of this complex, unpredictable tale. The story titillates and shocks me just enough to keep me tuning in for more and more. And actress Tatiana Maslany is a beast, seamlessly pulling off distinct and realistic portrayals of several different characters.”  –Akkida McDowell, ESSENCE Deputy Research Editor

11 of 13 USA Network

“The goofy shenanigans of the dynamic duo of fake psychic Shawn and his quirky best bud Gus combined with really clever pop culture references simply crack me up.  They are silly. They know it. And I love it.” - Akkida McDowell, ESSENCE Deputy Research Editor

12 of 13 ABC

“The comedy is superb and I love the fact that there's no laugh track. It's a laugh when you want to kind of show.” – Wendy Wilson, News Editor, ESSENCE.com

13 of 13 HBO

"Vampires, werewolves and ferries, oh my! It's like a sassy soap opera set inside your favorite children's book— well, only if the big bad wolf was so hot you hoped he'd blow your house down. (Hey Alcide!) Seriously, it's the hottest thing about the summer—heat waves included!" - Charli Penn, Relationships Editor, ESSENCE.com