Universal Beauty: Pink Lips

Universal Beauty: Pink Lips
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 29, 2011

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This week, five ESSENCE.COM staffers test-drive MAC Satin Lipstick In Pink Nouveau — one of Kelly Rowland’s favorite shades!

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MAC Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau ($23.99, amazon.com) is one of the season’s most popular shades! Here, we tested it out on five ESSENCE.com staffers with different skin tones.

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“I thought it would be too pale for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was subtle pop of color that I could wear for work and play!” -Lauren Evans, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

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“I absolutely adored this shade on Kelly Rowland, but it kind of fell flat with my complexion. I think pairing it with a rosier blush would help it pop more.” -Tia Williams, Beauty Editor

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“I received a lot of compliments, but this shade didn’t do it for me! I wear more subtle tones, so I can see trying it with a liner or gloss.” -Shakyna Bolden, Digital Coordinator

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“As a die-hard berry lip girl, going pink was slightly daunting. But I am trying to go bold with my makeup these days! I love how it contrasts with my skin. A definite keeper.” -Yolanda Sangweni, Senior Editor

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“Pink Nouveau was a little too bold and bright for this fashionista. Perhaps blended with a darker color like MAC Cyber, it could’ve been the perfect match.” -Zandile Blay, Fashion Editor