The Ultimate Natural Hair Bloggers' Gift Guide

We've enlisted the help of some of our favorite natural hair bloggers to select their top picks for holiday gifts that are just right for curly queens -- and your holiday spending budget.

Nicole Marie Melton Nov, 28, 2012

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"When it comes to making a style statement this holiday season, I’ll be my wearing hair in spirals that will be created using Curlformers. I am choosing this look because I think it will be a festive hairdo for this time of the year." — Jessica Lewis of Mahogany Curls

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"I am in love with this cleanser! The As I Am Coconut Cowash cleanses my hair and scalp without stripping my curls and has amazing slip!"

$7.99, available at Sally Beauty

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"I do not use oil often, but when I do, I use Simplicity Hair Oil Blend. It is an all-natural blend of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba, tea tree, and other great natural oils that will nourish your hair without weighing it down!"

$15-$45, available at Simplicity Oil

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"This is a must have item for natural hair. I am in love with this oversized bonnet because it is doubled-lined with Charmeuse satin and protects my curls while I sleep, and it is available in a variety of prints!"

$45, available at Ebonicurls

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"If you are fan of natural hair tees this is the shirt for you! It is super cute and stylish!"

($22, available at Thinkkinkz

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"I plan on rocking loc knot curls this holiday season. They’re a little time-consuming, but the curls are extremely defined and can last up to 3 weeks." —Franchesa of Chescalos

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"Francesco Mastilao’s gorgeous coffee table book might seem like an obvious gift for the loc’d lady in your life, but you don’t need locs to appreciate Dreads. Alice Walker’s introduction really sets the tone for this book, which features stunning full page black and white portraits and interviews with loc rockers from all walks of life."

$14.93, available on Amazon

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"Whether working out at the gym or running through the neighborhood, the Bondi Band headband is an essential part of my workout gear. Available in a variety of colors, these headbands are made of a special wicking material which pulls sweat away from your face and hairline; keeping those edges laid."

$8, available at Bondi Band

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"I’ll admit, this hair oil is a bit of a splurge but it’s completely worth it. Nicknamed “hair food”, this Zambian oil helps prevent heat damage and also keeps your hair and scalp moisturized. Just in time for the cold winter months."

$36, available at Ouidad

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"There’s nothing I love more than bold graphics, clean design, organic textures and afros, which is why I instantly fell in love with this wall hanging by The Pairabirds. This retro illustration would be perfect for a dorm room or funky home office."

$20 for an 8x10 print, available on Etsy

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"When it comes to making a style statement, I am going to rock a roller-set for the holiday season! Curls of any size are always perfect when trying to be glamorous and stand out amongst the crowd." —CharyJay of the vlog CharyJay

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"How many times have you tried to explain you didn't go natural because of (fill in the blank)? Well now, let this shirt say it all for you!" 

$24.99, available at Glamaholic Lifestyle.

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"For that natural who is stuck in a styling rut, give her the gift of personalized instructions for a fab style! These personalized style cards are made special to order with written instructions on how to get a gorgeous hairstyle according to the natural in your life's hair type and length."

$5 per card, available at

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"This mini-gift set would be the perfect stocking stuffer for the newbie natural in your life! Let her take these products for a test drive before splurging on the full size products!"

$15, availble at Original Moxie.

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"When it comes to earrings and natural hair accessories, usually bigger is better. Aree must've known this when she set up her shop with these one of a kind jewelry pieces."

$35, available at Beads By Aree

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"I love to be carefree with my hair during the holidays since it's a time where I'm excited about spending quality time with the people I love. I will most likely set my hair in braids or twists and then take them out for a stretched look I can manipulate easily into different styles throughout an entire week!" —Mae of Natural Chica

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"I'm a fan of loosely defined twist-outs and braid-outs and this product helps me achieve those looks while providing great moisture and a natural sheen to my hair. It's a medium-hold product, and won't weigh your hair down!"

$16, available at CURLS

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For healthy hair, moisture is key and this product definitely delivers and can also be a great detangling agent!  I like to use it on freshly washed hair to help seal in moisture and to help detangle my hair for final styling."

$18.50, available at Earth's Nectar

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This is one of my tried and true products for my favorite go-to styles, the twist-out and braid-out! It is such a creamy butter but is also easy to distribute throughout my hair, giving me great definition for my twist-out and braid-out styles!"

$16.50, avaiable at Camille Rose Naturals 

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This has become one of my new favorites this winter as a light, leave-in moisturizer with ingredients like aloe vera juice, chamomile, castor oil and avocado oil. I like to spray it on my hair before re-twisting or re-braiding to add some well-needed moisture when I'm extending a style throughout a week."

$16, available at Shea Radiance

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"During the holidays, I plan to keep my hairstyle super simple by doing weekly wash-and-gos and using cute hair accessories that complement my outfits. I prefer low-maintenance styles because they are perfect for busy, active women on the go like myself." -Whitney Patterson of Sporty Afros

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"Sporty Afros’ products focus on keeping your hair moisturized. The Ayurvedic oil is ideal for women who want to include ayurvedic elements into their regimen to strengthen and thicken their hair, but don’t have the time to do it themselves. The G+ Moisturizing Spray adds moisture to your hair without weighing it down, it’s perfect for natural hair, locs, braids and twists."

$15, Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil and $10 Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray, available at Sporty Afros

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"This is the best curl defining product I’ve found for natural hair. It defines my curls with no product build up, which is perfect for natural-haired girls who wear wash and gos."

$15, available at

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"Runner’s Revelations by Monisha Randolph inspired me to not only run a marathon but also embrace my natural hair and all the small things I take for granted. This is a great book to encourage someone who is starting a new hair, fitness or life journey."

$9.95, available at  Runners Revelations

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"Thinking of sign up for running event in 2013? The “I PreFRO Running” tech T-shirt is great for the natural fitness chick who wants to look sporty chic crossing the finish line."

$30, available at Sporty Afros

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"This holiday season, I plan to rock several updos such as pony puffs, buns and topknots. With holiday traveling, Christmas parties and working out, mastering a few easy updos is the perfect, stress-free style." -Alexandria Williams of Sporty Afros

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"When the holiday party season starts, it's harder to find time to workout. The Save Your Do Headwrap is a must-have to keep your hair looking great after your workout."

$24.95, available at

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"This is the perfect holiday gift for the woman who wants a healthy body and healthy hair. The gift package comes with a cute performance tech tee as well as a two month supply of moisturizing hair products in a cute, reusable tote box."

$50, available at Sporty Afros

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"From working out to traveling around the country, it’s annoying to lug around all of your beauty products. BeautifulBrwnBabyDol’s Shea Lovely combines all of the best moisturizers into one convenient multi-purpose moisturizer for your hair and body."

$13, available at

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"This is a must have accessory to create an effortless updo in no time. It’s perfect to keep in your gym bag for a quick post-workout hair style."

$11.99, available at Target

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"For this holiday season, I plan on rocking a full and fabulous twist-out. I love my twist-outs because they are easy to do, simple to maintain and I can pin it up for an elegant updo or a funky faux hawk."—Sugar of WhoIsSugar

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"Raise your hand if you know a natural who needs a good shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Well, look no further for the Senk Conditioner and Shampoo Bar Set. It is a must-have because the shampoo bar cleanses your natural hair without stripping it, and the leave-in conditioner is super moisturizing and curly-girl friendly."

$25, available at SenicaNaturals

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"As a natural, we are always looking for a good conditioner. Well, you're in luck with this conditioner, which is silicone free, has excellent slip, and is moisturizing for all the curly girls out there."

$3.99, available at Target

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"Tis the season for fancy updos which often times need bobby pins that will not let you or your hair down (pun intended). In comes the Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins which provide a firm hold, are rust resistant and have tips that are durable."

$6.99, available at Sally Beauty

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"If you're anything like me, your satin bonnet or scarf ALWAYS comes off at night, exposing your natural hair to the drying effects of a cotton pillowcase. Well, in comes a satin pillowcase which not only feels nice to sleep on but it will not dry out your natural hair."

$23.99, available at Target

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"Last year I went for a youthful, colorful and glam look with big hair to match. I'm in a much calmer space this time around, so I'm going to tone it down a bit with bohemian braids, flowy pantsuits and maxi dresses. I'm going for a softer, more romantic approach to welcoming in the new year." - Fran of the blog HeyFranHey

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"The red in these earrings is so rich and will make any hairstyle or outfit pop. They're lightweight and curve with your jawline, giving a cool, funky effect."

$18, available at Shop ALS

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"I have tons of beanies that don't fit all of my hair. This one is slouchy and still super cute. It's like a natural hair honeycomb hideout during the harsh winter winds."

$39, available at LitKnits

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"It's time to start pulling out those layers. This sweatshirt is a little bit of pride, a splash of cool and a whole lot of cute for winter!"

$30, available at Quelly Rue Designs

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"Unyevu is Swahili for 'moisture' and this decadent mixture of neem oil, shea, mango and avocado is truly the fountain of youth. My favorite part is you can use it on both your hair and skin!"

$13, available at Belle Butters

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"This holiday season, I'll be going for simplicity, as new mom time is of the essence so I'm wearing my hair in mini two strand twist worn in an elegant up do which will work for Christmas day to new years eve." -Natural Belle of  Natural Belle

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"Another food-themed favorite from Anita Grant. My thick natural hair soaks up this rich pomade and it's filled with nothing but goodness. This pomade is also great for relaxed to natural hair."

$22, available at

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"This is currently my favorite product. It smells divine and works well. Great for soft defined curls."

$15.90, available at Design Essentials

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"Anita Grant's multi-tasking deep conditioner looks good enough to eat. Your hair will thank you for this sweet treat infused with banana & honey."

$78, available at

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"This necklace is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek bold statement. Great for the cool naturalista that would rather her jewelry do all the talking."

$20, available at Rachel Stewart

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"I spend the holiday season flitting between the homes of my dearest friends and family members who love to use their fingers and hands to experience natural hair.  This year, while reveling in overabundant hugs and kisses, I'll also self-indulge in wearing my hair BIG in a curly fro—the easier for curious hands to rollick in!" —Geraldine Geraldine the Great

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"With bristles small enough to slice through tangles and an absence of ball-tipped ends that could ensnarl the tiniest curls, the Flare Hair Brush is the ultimate tool to curb the anguishes of detangling. Valued at under $5 a pop, any frugalista will also appreciate its affordability."

$4.87, available at Amazon

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"Every natural understands the benefits of deep conditioning or steaming her hair, and for the romantic at heart, indulging in a guilty pleasure while treating her tresses provides an escape from the rigors of wash day. Kiru Taye's Men of Valor e-book series offers quick romantic retreats to exotic locales like Igboland, Nigeria."

$3.49, available at Amazon

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"The Fabulous Curls Set is the quintessential natural hair 'IT gift' for the holidays and it's packed to the hilt with full-sized jars of moisturizers, butters, and two cleansers! She'll be particularly pleased to try the Curls for Days Hair Pudding- a gloriously scented, versatile curling aid that can be used to achieve a variety of styles."

$40, available at

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"My own personal style statement is never just one look and I still haven’t decided what my holiday hair will be. For Christmas it may be a Caruso set and for New Years it may be a flat twistout! I'm unpredictable like that!" - Gabrielle of StrawberriCurls

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"These wonderful rollers give naturals the ability to spiral curl their hair WITHOUT excessive heat! You can air dry your hair with them or you can sit under the hair dryer!"

48.95, available at

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"If you haven’t heard of Rachel Stewart Earrings, you are really missing out! She has one of the best handmade jewelry collections out there. From earrings with picks in them to elegant crescent shaped studs, her collection never disappoints!"

$30, available at

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"This blow dryer attachment is a GOD-SEND! The teeth are made to glide through the hair like a comb pick but you attach it to a blow dryer! It cuts down on drying time and stretches the hair to its maximum lengths."

$18.99, available at Amazon

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"Stretch your hair and get bouncy curls without heat? Yes, please! These rollers are powered by steam, take a few minutes to set and the best part? Your hair is done within 20 minutes! Doesn’t get any better for those days where you don’t know what to do with your tresses."

$36, available at Amazon

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"My haircut is really bold and makes its own statement so all I have to concentrate on is getting my hair stretched, big and beautiful. I plan on wearing a big fluffy twist-out this holiday season." —Keisha of the vlog Ahsiek1118

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Scarves are just not for your neck anymore. I love to tie my scarves into funky headwraps, and Brooklyn Bleu has the most beautiful vintage silk scarves."

Prices vary, available at Brooklyn Bleu

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"I love these beanies! They keep you warm, are cute and come in a variety of colors. Some naturals stay away from beanies because they pull the moisture from our hair but Threadmill offers custom satin lining for any hat."

$30, available at Threadmill

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"This is hands-down one of my favorite natural hair products! It leaves my hair shiny, soft and very moisturized. This product deserves to be in stores nationwide."

$13, available at HoneyChile HairLove

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"Every natural girl needs some cute button earrings. If your style is bold or if you're more reserved, you will always make a statement if you're in these earrings!"

$10, available at JustThingsbyLx

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"This holiday season I'm going to wear my hair in a large-and-in-charge twist-out. There's nothing like BIG natural hair that makes you stand out in a crowd." Briana of The Mane Source

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"Natural hair is fly and sexy and these shirts convey just that. They are super cute and come in a variety of colors."

$28, available at

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"This is the perfect accessory to any natural hairstyle. It allows you to give a pop of color and excitement to your look."  


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"Colder weather is among us and the Fingercomber unit allows naturals to wear their hair out while the rest of the hair is being protected. It's the solution to any bad hair day!" 

$78, available at

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"This product line is pH balanced to nourish and moisturize natural hair. It's perfect for the new natural or for a natural vet!" 

$53, available a 

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"When it comes to making a style statement, my hair will be protected in stylish Senegalese twists, because they dress up my look with no effort at all. This the perfect style for a fashionable working mommy on the go who has to cook and get the baby ready before the family comes over for the holidays."—Jenell of Kinky Curly Coily Me

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"When it comes to styling, maintaining and managing curly hair, this unique collection repairs and moisturizes dry damaged hair, while defining and maintaining natural curls. This kit is perfect for women who want to show off the natural beauty of their hair but are unsure of how to make the transition."

$17, available at Walgreens.

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"This is hair heaven in a box! Everything a new naturalista needs to promote healthy hair and hair growth."

$17, available at Walgreens.

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"This is the perfect comb to effortlessly glide through knots, tangles, and shed hair. This comb is affordable and does wonders for natural hair."

$6.30, available at

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"When it comes to making a statement during these winter months, I am planing on rocking my afro......LOUD & PROUD! Not only is it simply classic but it keeps me warm in this chilly weather." —Helecia of Iknowlee 

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"Totally Twisted is a staple product of mine that is the best of both worlds. It infuses moisture and defines curls at the same time."

$16, available at Afroveda

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"Too Shea Deep Conditioner is perfect for restoring moisture during the drastic weather of the winter months. This product is a great addition to any product stash for dry or damaged hair."

$17, avaialable at Kinky Curly

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"When it comes to maximizing natural hair, you can never go wrong with African-inspired earrings. These earrings are some of my personal favorites that will jazz up any updo."

$25, available at

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"Everything about this top signifies my natural hair and personality. This T-shirt would be a great way to add a pop of color and spice to an outfit."

$30, available at

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"When it comes to making a style statement this holiday season I will be rockin my signature 150 loose twists bun updo style. I plan to go in with the food this holiday and have enough to worry about without adding food entwined in my loose twists as one of them." — Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes

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"We as women should always treat ourselves to a little TLC. So, why not share the love with our hair products? These beautiful mini willow baskets are durable and pack quite the punch, space wise, for the beloved product junkie within."

$17.97, available at

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"The guide to helping us know the ins and outs of our hair can seem like a galaxy, far far away. The Science of Black Hair is a timeless classic with a plethora of information breaking down everything from low manipulation strategies, PH balance & moisture, transitioning, breakage correction to healthy hair dietary guidelines."

$9.99, available at Barnes and Noble

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"Ingredients in our kitchen and the ingredients for our hair can sometimes be one and the same. Gift this retro pour spout oil dispenser that will enhance the homemade oil concoctions of any natural hair newbie or guru."

$29.95, available at Amazon

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"Are you tired of saying 'Don't touch my hair?' With these earrings, you will let your jewelry do all the talking."

$20 -$30, available at

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"I will be wearing a big bad braidout this holiday season. I love how glamorous it makes me feel!" — Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes

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"This gift set is perfect for any natural, especially if they are a product junkie. They will be able to try a variety of products which include two of my faves: Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner and Curl Junkie Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment." 

$57.66, available at

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"I love this apron because if you love cooking like I do then this is a great gift for the chef in your life, and it¹s customizable! I can imagine wearing this while hosting a barbecue or party."

$23.95, available at

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"I think this is the perfect gift for anyone who has an iPhone and is a natural. The art is beautiful!"

$39.95, available at

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"I love these headbands because they come in a variety of colors, and it's a great way to jazz up protective styles. It's also a cute way to hide a bad hair day."

$12.50, available at Etsy

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"This holiday season, I want to wear my hair out of my face for a change and rock a high top bun. It's a classic look that translates well with any style or setting." —Anotinette of Around the Way Curls

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"This is my all-time favorite leave-in conditioner because it seems to work on every hair type and porosity level. It's a great addition to any natural's product list."

$12, available at Kinky Curly

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"This is great for the natural that likes a lot of body and doesn't shy away from heat. Diffusers spread heat evenly throughout your hair to avoid causing damage and cut drying time down in half."

$9.99, avaiable at ULTA

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"These bows are lightweight, funky fresh, come in a variety of batik and African-inspired prints and are easily secured by a 1.5 inch snap clip. They put the finishing touches on any look and are handmade by yours truly."

$10, available at

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"Steamers tend to be a splurge for most naturals so it's a really great gift to give for someone who wouldn't necessarily get it for themselves. It adds five times more moisture than any deep conditioner alone and is coveted by just about every guru out there."

$110, available at Huetiful

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"This holiday season I plan on styling my hair in a side twist-out with a side swoop. To get this look, I twist my hair for fluff to create flirty waves on my left side while my hair on the right is pulled back. I love this look because it is really easy yet the results are always elegant." —Shanti of Around the Way Curls

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"These handmade conditioning cubes from the UK provide hydrating benefits to hair especially dry, brittle or porous strands. After using these, I'm always left with shiny, strengthened and moisturized hair."

$9, available at Anita Grant

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"The beloved hair blogger Nikki Walton of CurlyNikki compiled all of the must-have information for both new and seasoned naturalistas in her new book. It will be a great gift to anyone that loves Nikki and is in need of hairstyle ideas and natural hair care techniques."

$10, available for pre-order now on Amazon

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"If you are tired of seeing your product junkie pal spend all of her money on hair products, ease her financial burden by getting her a month's (or two or three!) subscription to curlBOX! Each month, she'll receive a box of awesome, newly-released products for naturally curly hair textures."

$20 per month, available at curlBOX

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"I love Kinky Curly products and I am sure your loved one will too! Start her off with the most popular sellers, the Come Clean Shampoo, Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner and Gloss Pomade, for healthy, fabulous hair."

$10-$12, available at Kinky Curly

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"This holiday season I will be using my newfound styling skills and rocking my kinks in a twisted updo. This is always a stylish way for me to give my tresses some much-needed protection from the elements."—Nibi Lawson of The Kinky Apothecary

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"I absolutely adore everything by Ash the Painter and the 'Autumn Attitude' design fits in perfectly with my current “red hair” obsession. A print for a friend’s wall or t-shirt would make a fabulous gift…or at the sale prices, why not get both?"

Normally $20, now $10 each, available at Ash the Painter

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"I’ve tried a number of them, but these are the most moisturizing shampoo bars I have ever used in my life…bar none! And as if that wasn’t enough, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society and/or 1 in 8"

$20, available at Bobeam

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"I love my indie brands, and this is a great one. With 100% organic ingredients, this pomade is a real treat for natural hair. It seals in moisture, keeps strands supple, tames flyaways, and is great for twists, braids and locs. It also smells amazing!"

$22, available at PVSP Naturals

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"Even if the witty names and cool afrocentric packaging haven’t drawn you in already, the fact that they’re from the brains behind the Natural Hair Calendars means you know they’re going to be all about healthy, moisturized hair. With their fresh, handmade, vegan, amazing ingredients, these products are surely on any naturalista’s wish list."

$12-$14 each, available at Soultanicals

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"This year my holiday hairstyle statement is bold, funky and short. I've been cutting my hair off all year and will continue to do so to keep up with busy schedule and newborn baby." —Roshini Cope of Glamazini

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"I LOVE my 'What Duckie Are You?' oversized shower cap! These things are so well made and can fit massive amounts of hair."

$7 and up, available at Celestial Crowns

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"I have always loved the work of Sugarluxe creator Chandra Michaels and own a couple pieces from her site. The Voluptuous Lady Beautiful Afro Girl, I Love New York Disco Diva, Angel Wings Believe Sexy & Soul Sista Afro Diva prints are awesome, too."

$34, available at Sugarluxe

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"I bought the luxe tote in this print to use as a diaper bag and ended up using it as a daily purse. It's beautiful, sturdy, inspiring, cavernous and a compliment-magnet!"

$29, available at Papaya Art

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"I own several pieces from Ododo, from hair pin trios to hair clips, but my favorite has always been my Royal Blue Beaded Hair Flower. It's like a neutral that goes with everything!"

$17 and up, available at Ododo Originals

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"When it comes to making a style statement over the holiday, I plan on rocking my hair in really funky up-dos! They are so much fun and guaranteed to catch an eye or two." —Alex of The Good Hair Blog

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"I use this bag for almost everything! A Quelly Rue tote is ideal for naturals who want to shop in style or simply carry around a cute bag that will indeed catch the eye of others."

$36, available at Quelly Rue Designs

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"The Q Redew is a hand-held steamer that quickly and naturally enhances, rejuvenates hair using warm mist. It's low maintenance, fun to use, and a must-have for naturals!"

$70, available at Q Redew

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"These headbands hold up my huge puff ball without giving me the infamous 'puff headache.' They also come in super fun and pretty colors. Can’t go wrong with that!"

$5-$15, available at Mane Message. Use code GOODHAIR20 for 20% off


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