The Ultimate Guide to Marble Nail Art

We recreated a new take one of our favorite nail art looks from fashion week. Find out to re-create this super sleek nail look at home!

Virginia Lowman Sep, 24, 2015

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Start by cleaning your hands and nails and removing all nail polish. We like Bernadette Thompson's über gentle Wipe Out formula.

**Disclaimer** I have kept the nail art left over from a previous manicure on four of my digits: both thumbs and my ring fingers. 

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Prep your nails for polish using your favorite base coat primer and cuticle treatment. We like these formulas by NailMedic.

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To make removal of excess nail polish post design, treat your cuticles with your favorite cuticle oil or balm and moisturize your hands with your favorite hand cream; we like Soap & Glory Hand Food.

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Fill an old bowl with lukewarm water. Use a bowl that you don't mind damaging as the nail polish may not come out post-design.

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Using the brush of three of your favorite polishes, let drops of polish fall into the water-filled basin. Allow for 3-5 drops per polish. Do not use glitter polish as it will not allow for the same marbleized effect.

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Using a toothpick or a wooden skewer, stir the polish and allow for a design to form. Do so quickly, as the polish will dry after 90 seconds and you will have to re-start the process.

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Once you've formed your desired nail design in the polish, dip your nail bed into the solution and trace the outline of your fingertip with a fresh toothpick before quickly removing the nail. 

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We opted to add a glitter streak to each nail, and finished with our favorite top coat. Voilia! marble nails in less than 15 minutes!


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# Nails