Tyra Banks: Fierce Tresses

Mogul and talk-show host Tyra Banks is the reigning queen of hair hits and misses. Here’s a look at some of her most fabulous (and not-so fabulous) looks
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 08, 2008

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Tyra goes for the gold, perfecting an ultra-wavy, wind-blown look on the red carpet.

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Old Hollywood meets the runway as Tyra dons 1950’- inspired pin-cropped curls.

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Nothing says sophistication like a side-swept bun. Tyra adds texture to this classic style with a curvaceous bang.

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Tyra knows that a chic chignon always gets the green light on the red carpet.

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Tyra, we know you like to take risks, but you went a little too far with the bleach this time. We say “yay” to the silky strands, and a big “nay” to the streaky madness.

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These long ringlets add fire to Tyra’s seductive red lips.

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When all else fails, stick to what you know. Tyra takes a cue from the fashion pages with this multilayered bun. The mix in texture gives her a funky edge without losing sophistication.

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Tyra’s comb missed the mark on this one. This look is way too wind-blown to be messy chic.

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Tyra smiles with her eyes — and it’s the perfect way to show off these voluptuous layers.

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Attack of the floating orange tentacles! Considering the circumstances, Tyra looks pretty cheerful. It could be that she doesn’t know what’s living on her head.


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