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ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Tribbett & G.A.’s latest release, “Stand Out,” is in stores and online now.

“[After hearing my album, I hope listeners ]walk away knowing that the way to Christ is not just right, but it’s better, because often times you might not always do what’s right, but you always want what’s better."

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Tye Tribbett and his choir, Greater Anointing (G.A.), continue to achieve success with their unconventional approach to gospel music.

“I’m just different in my expression, but [gospel artists] are all the same in that, there’s God that we serve and that we live for and whom we want to praise. I’m just me and, as a person, I’m different—and that shows through my music."

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Tribbett’s daughters Lyncoln Victoria, 2, left, and Austyn Taylor, 5, are sitting pretty.

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Tribbett’s wife, Shanté is a member of Greater Anointing.

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Austyn and Lyncoln are ready for their close-up.


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