TV's Best-Dressed Characters

A little time in front of the tube is great for your style. Just fashion your wardrobe after television’s most stylish ladies. Check out our list of TV's best-dressed characters.
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 02, 2008

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There’s nothing ugly about this leading lady. Vanessa Williams plays Wilhelmina Slater, the conniving and cunningly chic editor-in-chief of Mode magazine, on the hit ABC series “Ugly Betty.”

Vanessa often dons ultrasexy designer suits such as this belted, black number, which have audiences going va-va-va-voom for Wilhelmina.

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Karyn Parsons starred as Hilary Banks, eldest sister and air-headed fashionista of the Banks clan, on the popular nineties sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Her classic style and over-the-top personality made her a fan favorite.

Today, electric blue suits with matching hats might be a fashion faux pas, but in the nineties, Hilary made it yuppie chic.

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Denise Huxtable of “The Cosby Show,” played by Lisa Bonet, captured the hearts of wholesome teeny-boppers all over America with her funky, get-up-and-go fashion sense. From oversize blouses to parachute pants and fancy fedoras, it was no holds barred for this eclectic rebel.

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Kim Fields’s Regine Hunter, second from left, made up one quarter of the “Living Single” squad. This glamour goddess slash gossip fiend gave us more hair variety than a Sally Beauty Supply store. We’ll never forget her for her grandiose persona and awe-inspiring looks.

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Who could forget Whitley Gilbert, the obnoxious southern belle from “A Different World”? The character we loved to hate, played by Jasmine Guy, taught us the true meaning of sophisticated elegance.

With the demeanor of a debutant and the fashion sense to boot, Whitley never missed the style mark.

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Joan, Toni, Lynn and Maya. Need we say more? These ladies (Tracee Ellis Ross, left, Jill Marie Jones, Persia White and Golden Brooks) stole our hearts on the super funny “Girlfriends.” No worries; we stole something from them, too: fashion know-how.

From eclectic to funky to classic and modernly chic, these girlfriends took us on a much-needed tour of their fashion bins.

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Adorable Lisa Turtle had to constantly fend off Screech. But we’re not surprised he had such a crush. Lark Voorhies’s shopping diva on “Saved by the Bell” was on top of 1980’s style. She rocked the best dangling earrings and matching headbands, and she wasn’t afraid to mix cheetah-print tops with high heels and miniskirts. We’d tone down her look today. But for such a young girl, Lisa was truly on the cutting edge.

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We all know Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) as the loving, hardworking attorney and leader of the Huxtable clan on the “The Cosby Show.”

From her mean heel game to her high-powered suits and paisley blouses to her luxe casual looks, Mrs. Huxtable ruled the courtroom and the living room, always knowing just what to say— and wear.


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