Trending Tresses: Hottest Hairstyles of the Year

Only the best of the best made this list. See if your favorite celebrity looks of 2015 made the cut.

Deena Campbell Dec, 03, 2015

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Only the best of the best made this list. See if your favorite celebrity looks of 2015 made the cut.

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Although Jourdan Dunn opted for a slew of colors this year at the Coachella music and arts festival (remember the grayish, blue mix?), we loved her purple strands the most!

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Colorful Chic Jourdan Dunn knows that purple, gray, and blue is the ultimate fun in the sun look for the Coachella music festival.

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Jourdan Dunn looks stunning with long cornrows at Rihanna's Private Met Gala After Party this spring. It truly is the perfect style for day or night. Just be sure to maintain your edges with a gel edge tamer.

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There’s noting like a mussed-up bob. Jourdan Dunn wore a super sexy blonde bob at the Elle style awards in February.

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Over the summer, Taraji combined cornrows with a top knot at the Spike TV's Guys Choice awards. Six side braids were just enough to add fun, but not too overwhelming.

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Naturally bobs were hot this year, but the asymmetric types added an extra dose of chic.

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We’re not sure who coined the look first, but Taraji and Cookie had a year of sporting blunt bangs.

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2015 was also the year for half up, half down ‘do’s. We love when hair is wrapped around the top bun for added measure.

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Ciara made ponytail holders sexy again as she hit the red carpet at the American Music Awards in a low bun with side tendrils.

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2015 was the year of the center part and we’re hoping it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

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"What would the world be like without some extra hair," says Ciara in an interview with ESSENCE. "It would be crazy! I need my extensions; I love the drama. I love to be able to have fun with my hair and protect it at the same time."

Yes, Ciara! We loved your extensions this year!

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Very rarely do we see Chanel Iman with big hair, but we loved her CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Dinner look. Curly girls rock!

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Chanel went for a Bohemian vibe with a messy fishtail braid at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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Sleek and straight is always in and 2015 had its fair share of super long hairstyles.

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Kerry's soft, pinned bobwith subtle highlights was the ultimate win at this year's Emmy Awards.

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Soft, shinny beachy waves had a huge moment this year and Kerry Washington didn’t disappoint.

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Kerry Washington’s mini pompadour and messy fishtail is the perfect pairing when roaming the streets of New York.

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A long bang and soft, layered hair is quintessential Kerry. #Hairgoals

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Big hair, don't care! 2015 was also the year for big, bouncy curls.

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Ballerina bun’s and top knots reigned supreme!

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A high ponytail with curly hair cascading from it, like Amandla’s hairstyle, is a favorite.

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Grey-haired models and celebrities rocked platinum-colored hair every season this year. If you’re looking to try the trend, opt for a silver toner until your comfortable, or mix the color with braids like Amandla.

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Jet black hair is always a good look. For a versatile style that works with any outfit, try a long hair with a blunt bang like Nicki’s.

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Long curls are equal parts sexy and sweet.

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Add some fun flare to your look by adding a side part to your curls.

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Channel supermodel Naomi Campbell with a classic side bang and bob.

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Laverne’s severe center part with ombre curls has become her iconic look.

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If you want to switch things up, but still make a serious statement, opt for a side ponytail.

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Keep things pretty and modest in 2016 with a messy fishtail like Laverne’s.

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Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Erykah is no stranger to hats. Incorporate hats into your look for extra pizzazz.

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2015 was all about taking chances and if you’re feeling daring try Erykak’s afro on the top and jumbo braids on the bottom hairstyle.

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If you're feeling fearless, go blue!

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When Rihanna hit the red carpet at the 2013 American Music Awards with a doobie wrap, everyone paid attention. This year the hit singer flaunted the style while out and about town.

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Take a page from Rihanna’s adventurous book and rock bantu knots.

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Zoe Kravitz's micro braids stood out with middle parts and frayed ends.

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It takes a special person to pull off a super high ponytail, but naturally, Beyoncé nails it with style. When trying this look, add a pair of drop earrings for added fun.

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Blonde hair and subtle curls is a foolproof hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads every time.

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A braided headband is a great style to bring out your facial features.

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Show off your fashion sense by adding bows to your natural hairstyle, like Lupita. Create a bow headband to make the style look less childlike.

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Headbands are a great way to pull together a polished look that flatters your bone structure.

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Simple and easy to maintain, small braids make it easy to look great on the go.

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Solange's trademark curls are a total win. Try a middle wave to divide the smoother top part from the bigger curls at the bottom.

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Zendaya's faux locs at the 2015 Oscars gained much attention when former E! Correspondent Giuliana Rancic made derogatory comments about her hair saying it looked like it "smells like patchouli oil" or "weed." Later this year, Zendaya received her own Barbie...locs at all!

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We were speechless after seeing Zendaya’s pixie cut at this years Grammy awards. The cropped hairstyle made the singer look very sophisticated as it showed off her flawless makeup and gold ear cuff.

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Sleek edges and a perfect high bun? Yes, yes, yes!


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