Trend To Try: Feathered Earrings

Trend To Try: Feathered Earrings
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 11, 2011

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Our Closet Envy Fashionista, Isis Arias rocks a chic ensemble which is topped off with feathered earrings.

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An upclose look at the earrings which dangle off of a tortoise and silver base.

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The cool, crisp white dress lets this tribal print feathered earrings pop.

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We love that the print is seen just at the tip of the earring.

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This diva looks fearless in all of Summer’s key trends (Fedora, cut-off shorts and tank). She glams up this casual look with statement feathered earrings.

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Up close reveals the feathered earrings are leopard spotted. Fierce!

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This fashionista pairs bold colored feathered earrings with a leopard cocktail dress.

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Upclose lets you see how beautiful – and bold – the contrast is.

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A bandeau top like this allows the earrings to take center stage as they fall gracefully on your shoulders.

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We love the dramatic length of these multi-colored feathered earrings.