Travel Tips for Naturalistas

What to toss in your carry-on to style your hair during the long holiday weekend.

Nicole Marie Melton Aug, 29, 2013

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This set is perfect for a traveler, since it contains 2 ounce containers of Honey Hemp Conditioner, Greg Juice Leave-in spray, Shine & Define Serum, Hair Dew Conditioner and a 1 ounce Mini Burnt Sugar Pomade.

$23, available at CurlMart

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According to the Travel Security Administration, liquids in your carry-on must be 3.4 oz or less.  Take it from someone who has had to throw away a few of my beloved hair and beauty products — you do NOT want to go over this limit!  If you think you can "sneak" in a few larger bottles, you'll be crying like I was when the TSA agent dumped my products in the trash.  Better safe than sorry, ladies!

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curlBOX is an exclusive subscription service that sends sample sizes of your favorite curly girl products in mini bottles and packets to your doorstep each month.  These samples are easy to pack and great to take on the road.

$20 per month at curlBOX

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The late summer months are infamous for weather disasters, an issue to consider when choosing your travel hairstyle and packing your products.  If you're traveling somewhere humid or rainy, avoid wearing your hair blown straight as it will only revert back to curly and leave you with unwanted frizz. You'll also be bummed that you didn't bring your wash-n-go essentials since you only packed products for your straightened hair.

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Get your hands on the entire Miss Jessie's collection in travel sizes with this all-around genius value pack. Not only can you toss these in your tote without worry, but you can reuse and refill the durable 2 oz. containers for future trips on your itinerary.

$64, available at Miss Jessie's

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If you're traveling with a girlfriend or your hubby, check beforehand to see if there are any items you can share for a few days during your trip.  This will eliminate bag bulk for the both of you and ultimately makes more room in your suitcase for cool souveneirs or an extra pair of fly shoes!

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This set contains trial sizes of curly hair staples, including a curl-activating treatment, styling butter, high-shine pomade, and frizz control gel, which is perfect to pack for your holiday plane rides.

$15, availble at Original Moxie.


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