Tracy Mourning Baby Shower

Tracy Mourning Baby Shower
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 17, 2009

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Tracy Wilson Mourning celebrated her and NBA star Alonzo Mourning third pregnancy at Guerlain Spa in NYC on August 16.

She shows off a special gift from her hubby – golf clothes for his unborn son that he would wear himself.

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Holly Robison Peete traveled from Los Angeles to celebrate her dear friend.

“I cherish our friendship and made sure I was here,” Peete says. “Tracy is so at one with herself spiritually, and that makes you comfortable. I couldn’t think of a better place for her to have this shower, because when I think of Tracy, I think of spa.”

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Louis Vuitton treated Tracy to baby shoes for her new son, though she confessed his feet may come out too big for baby shoes, like her other kids.

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Tracy’s good friend and fellow socialite Jaci Wilson Reid hosted the swanky shower at Guerlain Spa. Jaci is also the Guerlain Spa ambassador.

“She’s a really fun girl and we want to wish her the very best,” Reid says. “She wasn’t expecting to have a baby right now, but she’s excited about it and so are we.”

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Guests enjoyed this custom cake, a surprise to Tracy.

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As a mother of four, Peete knows all about growing the family.

“It’s always a transition going from two on up. If anybody can handle it, it’s Tracy,” she says.

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Tracy glows with Jennifer Baltimore Johnson, the god mother of her three kids.

“I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by amazing women my whole life. There is something very nurturing about women,” Tracy says.

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Tracy was extra appreciative for her generous friends, since she hasn’t started shopping for the new baby.

“This is my third time around and different. The first two, a boy and then a girl, you have all the goodies. The baby is coming in a month and I have done nothing. I haven’t picked a crib yet.”

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Lisa Tweedy, wife of Sean John executive John Tweedy, congratulates Tracy on her new baby.

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Tracy and Holly join in the Paparazzi action.

“I always have my camera!” the guest of honor says.

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The guests gather round Tracy after a relaxing day at the spa.

“I know women who have few female friends, and that’s not the case with me,” Tracy says of the many female friends she is happy to have.

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Tracy and Alonzo are excited for the new baby, an unplanned new addition to their family.

“He’s always done a great job of taking care of me, whether I was pregnant or not,” Tracy says of her husband. “He recognizes if momma is happy, than everyone is happy.”

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Gift bags that were catered to the guests That fancy lipstick they included (Guerlain own Rouge lipstick) in the gift bag and wrote Oh Baby.

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another husband present

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Guerlain spa offered there space and gave all the guests mini treatments facial, mani/pedi and mini massage

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Jaci and Husband(emil knows his name), Tracy


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