Town Hall Debate: Black Pundits and Celebs React

The second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney had everyone talking. As the candidates discussed a variety of global and domestic issues, thought leaders and politically active celebrities took to Twitter to weigh in on the important issues disscussed in the town hall debate. 

Myeisha Essex Oct, 17, 2012

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‏@drjlastword: "I wish people had as much interest in local and state politics as in this Presidential race. Where else will we get leaders of the future?"

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‏@DonLemonCN: "#Obama mentions Osama Bin Laden... But in a humble brag sort of way. Discuss #Debate2012 #CNNDebate"

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‏@UncleRUSH: "great night for Barack! Tomorrow morning, let's get to work! 21 days to win this election! #TeamObama"

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@MichelleObama: "I'm so proud of my husband tonight. Let's have his back as he has had ours. –mo #TeamBarack

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TJ Holmes

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@THEHermanCain: "$1.86/gas b/cuz economy on brink. Obama is Shifting the Subject. Typical tactic. Don't fall for it. #Debates"

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@JenniferABurke: "I am shocked that Crowley is trying to stop Obama at the end of his time. Obama continues. Will he be accused of bullying? #hofstradebate"

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@VanJones68: "RT @RebuildDream @VanJones68 explains why Obama won: "People vote for people, not plans."

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‏@pbsgwen: "Want to know what undecided voters are thinking RIGHT NOW?"

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@GOPBlackChick : "@MittRomney breaking it down. We don't have to settle 4 mediocrity under@BarackObama. 46mill on food stamps, joblessness, etc."

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@donnabrazile: "Obama was simply on his game and knew Romney's positions better than his opponent."

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@keligoff: "@TPCarney @stevehandel Weighing in as a girl - they do provide breast exams which r different than mammograms but still important."

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@Toure: "Libya exchange ends up devastating for Romney and it didn't have to be that way. Candy correcting Romney made him look tiny."

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@CoryBooker: "I'm loving this closing by Obama. Strong and resolute about what he stands for and why he is running for president."

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@TheRevAl: "President Obama took on the bully. In substance, demeanor, and debate style he was far more effective than Mr. Romney. No doubt a good night."


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 ‏@RevJJackson: "Great questions from real people ... lets put a focus on gun violence destroying our communities and renew the ban on assault weapons."

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@MaxineWaters: "I'll be joining Joe Madison shortly on @BlackEaglePower with my reaction to last night's presidential debate."

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 @thesherylralph: "Trust and believe this election is not about the next four years it is about the next 40 years!!"

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‏@MHarrisPerry: "Romney doctrine: Gender equality, good for Middle East, bad for USA."

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@taras2cents: "Romney: I'm not in favor of new legislation in terms of guns. Enforce the laws we have. Change culture of violence. Great answer. #debates"

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‏@rolandsmartin: "If ANYONE on ANY cable/broadcast network says Mitt Romney won this debate or this was a draw, they are a flat out fool. Yea, I said it!"

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 ‏@kerrywashington: "PRETEND politics meets REAL politics! --> In the @scandalmakeup & hair trailer with cast and crew watching #debate on @abc"

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@maryjblige: "Great Job on debate Mr. President! I never lost faith in u!"

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@IssaRae: "President Obama pulled a 'Show Me the Receipts" and WON! You did that, sir. You. DID. THAT."

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‏@MiaBLove: "Hey President Obama - Yoda was right, "Do or do not, there is no try." We need progress, not excuses. #townhalldebate #CantAfford4More" 

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@Soledad_OBrien: "Wow, question abt guns. Audience questions are really solid."

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@CharlesMBlow: "I feel like I've reached Oz and Toto is pulling back the curtain on the Wizard... Obama going IN on Romney's flaky math... #debate"