Tough-As-Nails Black Women

Tough-As-Nails Black Women
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 19, 2011

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As one of the most tenacious Hollywood actresses around, Jada rarely sways from her beliefs. Don’t believe us, check out her resume.

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Being the First Lady of the United States can’t be easy. Michelle Obama exudes the kind of confidence and ambition every woman wishes she could.

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You couldn’t be the world’s richest Black woman without being tough, when necessary, and compassionate, when the time calls for it.

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A tough background didn’t stop MJB from reaching the top where she uses her story to heal others.

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From rapper to Oscar-nominated star, Queen Latifah did it all with class and lots of sticktoitiveness.

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Two years after her mother, brother and nephew were brutally killed, Jennifer Hudson still found a way to start anew.

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On wax and in real life, this Queens-bred femcee takes no prisoners.

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After the Chris Brown incident, Rihanna continued living her life out loud, and didn’t ask for anyone’s pity.

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We can always count on Whoopi to go with her beliefs rather than what everyone expects her to.

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Not content with just being a pretty face, Tyra is slowly building her own media empire.

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Whole essays have been written about her unshaven legs and unconventional ways, but Mo’Nique won’t budge, always proclaiming to us all that she is who she is. Take it or leave it.

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Criticized for everything from her six children to her relationship with Rohan Marley, Lauryn Hill still maintains her dignity and does what we love her for: make music that inspires.

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As the only Black woman to oversee three shows on primetime television, Shonda Rhimes is a powerhouse in Hollywood.

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Corinne gracefully picked up the pieces after her husband’s untimely death in 2005.

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Though she has rubbed more than a few people the wrong way, Naomi Campbell sticks to her guns.

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This Oscar winner has used her experience with domestic abuse to help other women get out.

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From “The View” to “Celebrity Apprentice,” Star Jones always spoke her mind. Don’t think this former prosecutor is going to let anything stop her from speaking her peace.

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She survived public humiliation when her husband revealed he was gay and still kept her head up.

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You don’t get to enjoy over five decades in showbiz by being a pushover. Ms. Patti is the definition of fierce, fun and fabulous.

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Angelou survived an abusive childhood, Jim Crow, and many personal failures to come out on top as one of America’s treasured authors.