Top 7 Moments Oprah Houston Family Interview

Top 7 Moments Oprah Houston Family Interview
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 12, 2012

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Bobbi Kristina reveals that she can still feel her mother’s presence, and finds herself occasionally talking to her. "I can hear her voice in spirit talking to me, saying, ‘Keep moving, baby. I gotcha.’ Her spirit is strong,” she said.

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Patricia Houston shares a funny story about how the family brought in the New Year playing bingo, and how much fun Whitney had that night spending time with her loved ones.

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Patricia Houston tells Oprah that Bobbi Kristina is “going to be all right.” A nurturing aunt and Bobbi Kristina’s closest confidante since her mother’s death, Patricia reassures Oprah that Bobbi Kristina is a strong girl who will make it through this tough time.

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Bobbi Kristina shares the touching story of her last day with her mother: Waking early in the morning and feeling the need to be near Whitney, Bobbi Kris asked her mom to rest with her in bed. Whitney wrapped her daughter in her arms, caressing her head. That day, Bobbi Kris told Oprah, brought back good memories of her childhood.

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Whitney’s brother Gary addresses rumors of discord between Bobby Brown and the Houston family. “He should have been there,” Gary answers, when Oprah asks whether Bobby was indeed invited to Whitney’s funeral.

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Patricia says she couldn’t leave the hotel room where Whitney died, even when asked by paramedics: “I couldn’t leave her side. I have to stand for her, and I always will stand for her, because that’s what she would have wanted.”

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In a touching tribute to his late sister, Gary Houston struggles to sing Whitney’s song “I Look to You.”