Top 6 Moments From a Special Love-Themed ESSENCE Live!

For our "Love" themed episode, we took 'Being Mary Jane' hunk Stephen Bishop to the steam room, talked spicing up our bedroom activities with sexpert Abiola Abrams, and played the Single Girls' Dating game with the Matchmaking Duo. #EssenceLive

Jolie A. Doggett Apr, 16, 2015

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ESSENCE Relationships Editor Charreah Jackson explains how a successful woman can find a man who isn't intimidated by her. Click here to see her advice. 

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Things got hot and heavy with Steven Bishop in the ESSENCE Live Steam Room. Click here to find out his favorite place to have sex and more.

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Not feeling the heat between the sheets? expert Abiola Abrams has the know-how to get keep you satisfied. Click here for your intimacy intervention.

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The pressure is on as ESSENCE Live Host Dana Johnson plays the Single Girl Dating Game. How'd she do? Click here to find out! 

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"The Game clearly has no game if he has to go on a reality show." Click here to see what else our Slayed or Shade panelists have to say about The Game's upcoming reality show search for love. 

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Click here to find out what our Slayed or Shade panelists think about Lane Bryant's "I'm No Angel" underwear campaign.