9 Times T.I. and Tiny Gave Us Family Goals

T.I. and Tiny recently welcomed their fourth child together—the seventh to their blended family! Baby girl Harris joins the family hustle. Here are 9 times T.I. and Tiny gave has family fun goals. 

Lauren Porter Mar, 28, 2016

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T.I. and his baby boy Major are giving us the ultimate cool style vibe!

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T.I. and King teach Major how to tie his shoes! Take good notes Major, you might have to teach your new baby sister! 

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Nothing says Happy Birthday Domani like balloons and Mickey Mouse! 

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T.I.'s son Domani and Tiny's daughter Zonnique are technically step-brother and sister but they are about as close as blood can be. 

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The Harris boys--Messiah, Domani, King and Major--look like they have a tight bond that's full of laughter and love!

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When it comes to dressing up for career day, Major takes the cake! Tiny said her baby boy wanted to dress up as Michael Jackson complete with a gold chain! 

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Hmmmm...between T.I. and his oldest son Messiah, we wonder who's taller?! 

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Major is Tiny's last baby boy! There's nothing wrong with a little mama love! 

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This family just a little bit bigger with the early arrival of #Lucky7! We can't wait to see T.I. and Tiny's new baby girl!