Our 9 Favorite B-List Characters Who Stole the Show

Alfonso Ribeiro just dished on where he got the inspiration for his iconic Carlton dance that stole the scene on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (it's a mash-up of moves by Eddie Murphy, Bruce Springsteen and Courtney Cox). Check out these eight other B-list—and beloved—characters who rocked our television worlds.

Taylor Lewis Aug, 20, 2015

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Between his creased khakis and his sweater vests, you couldn't help by love the adorkable Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro). He wasn't the main character, but he managed to steal the show and continue to live on in our hearts and dance moves (if you say you haven't done the Carlton dance at least once in your life, you're lying).

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They might as well have changed the name of Family Matters to The Steve Urkel Show. We might have forgotten some of the plot lines since the show went off the air nearly 20 years ago, but we can hear Urkel (Jaleel White) asking "Did I do that?" clear as a bell.

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Technically, Maxine (Erika Alexander) wasn't one of the four main ladies in Living Single. However, she could've fooled us. Every time the quick-witted attorney opened her mouth, the whole viewing audience listened up.

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Don't get us wrong: We loved Jay and Michael Kyle, but we were really tuning in to get a peek of Franklin (Noah Gray-Cabey), the precocious, piano-playing, pint-sized boy next door. His presence caused Katie to swoon and viewers everywhere to pray for a Franklin-esque son. 

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Roger (Marques Houston) might have driven Tia and Tamera up the wall, but we were unashamedly obsessed with the boy next door. We waited for him to pop up in a scene so we could yell at him to, "GO HOME, ROGER."

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Good Times was "dynamite," but J.J. (Jimmie Walker) was "DIN-O-MYTE." When the sitcom kicked off in 1974, it was simply about a family living in the Chicago projects, but by the time it wrapped up in 1979, skinny son J.J. Evans had stolen the show with his wit and his signature catchphrase.

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The Jamie Foxx Show debuted in the late ‘90s starring actor/singer Jamie Foxx and actress Garcelle Beauvais. Mara Brock Akil was a writer for four episodes of the series during its 1999-2000 season.

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Sure, we wanted to hang with Mr. Cooper (who wouldn't?), but we really wanted to hang with Robin Dumars (Dawnn Lewis). She was only on the show for one season before getting sacked, but during her run, she stole the show. After all, she is the reason that Mark and Vanessa met!

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Every good group of girlfriends needs a good man in the mix, right? William (Reggie Hayes) was the perfectly adorable antidote to Joan Clayton and the rest of the group. Every time we saw him, we wished we could manifest our own real-life William.