Thanksgiving Romance

Thanksgiving Romance
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 21, 2011

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This Thanksgiving, serve up a little romance with that turkey. Here’s how to make the moment last.

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It’s the season to give thanks. Write a thank you letter to your love, telling them what you appreciate most about them, then exchange them after dinner. It’s the perfect gift, and it won’t cost you a thing.

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What would you put in your very own “Love Potion”? Decide together and come up with a sexy signature drink for the holiday. Name it together and drink away. It’s romantic, fun, and sure to get you both a little tipsy.

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After dinner, go dancing. Salsa dancing will be romantic and sexy, plus it can help you burn off those calories.

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Join forces in the kitchen to make your dinner masterpiece and good memories that will last through the season.

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After you’ve gone back for seconds, and thirds, they’ll be nothing you want to do more than find a comfortable place to lay and stay there. The only thing you’ll need after that is a soothing rub down from the one you love. It’s the perfect way to end the evening.

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Work together to come up with a list of love songs that make you think of and appreciate each other. Make a playlist and let it be the soundtrack of your holiday together.

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There’s nothing more beautiful than a fall sunrise, and there aren’t many left. Get up early, grab each others hands and go enjoy the view.

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Share your meal, a great bottle of wine, and lots of laughs by candlelight. Dinner will instantly become more romantic.

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The only thing better than hot apple pie on Thanksgiving, is having the one you love spoon feed it to you. When it’s time for dessert, have some fun by feeding each other sweet treats.

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