Test Drive: Lancome Eye Shadow

Test Drive: Lancome Eye Shadow
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 05, 2011

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We loved the teal eyeshadow so much in the compact, we simply had to give it a go. Check out what these five ESSENCE.com staffers had to say about Lancome’s star product for Fall 2011!

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Lancome Eye Brightening All-In-One Shadow & Liner Palette in Teal Fury ($48, lancome-usa.com) is one of this season’s most coveted eyeshadow collections!

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“I’m a lipstick and blush girl, so blue eyeshadow is out of my repertoire in more ways than one. So it’s no surprise that I didn’t like it. It felt fun to try it on though!” -Zandile, Fashion Editor

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“Confession: I had no idea Lancome made colors to suit my complexion. I was pleasantly surprised by this eye color, and am definitely adding it to my palette.” -Yolanda, Senior Editor

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“Blue eye shadow can be ridiculed, but I fell in love with this one! It brought out my eyes and added a POW effect.” -Lauren, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

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“I loved this shadow against my skin tone. Definitely a keeper for fall!” -Shakyna, Digital Coordinator

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“Obsessed. It reminds me of the teal shadow my mom used to wear in the ‘80s. Super-retro, but in a non-cheesy way. I’ve decided its my Fashion Week staple!” -Tia, Beauty Editor


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