Terrie Williams and Celebs Launch Campaign

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Terrie Williams and The Stay Strong Foundation kick off the “Healing Starts With Us” national campaign with celebrities supporting the cause.

Back row (l-r): Member of Terrie Williams Agency; Uhuru McCray; Dowoti Desir, The Shabazz Center Executive Director; Ilyasah Shabazz; Jamie Hector; Geoffrey Canada, The Harlem Children’s Zone

Front row (l-r): Susan L. Taylor, Terrie M. Williams, Mo’Nique, Terrie McMillan, Felicia ’Snoop" Pearson, Ruby Dee

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Comedian/actress Mo’Nique was on hand to lend her support.

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Actor Jamie Hector joined with the foundation, as depression affects men as much as women.

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Author, activist and editor Susan L. Taylor captivates the crowd with a message on the importance of healing ourselves.

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Author Terry McMillan is on the fight to help the Black community heal.

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Terrie is all smiles as the room fills with people ready to heal and help others.

“We all have challenges that we go through. They exist so we can come out on the other side and share the experience with someone else, so people don’t think they’re standing on a ledge by themselves. Some of us have had very, very difficult lives. But there’s glory and joy on the other side— there’s no question about that,” she says.

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Radio and television host Egypt supports the foundation in style.

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Living legend Ruby Dee shares with the crowd the importance of the Stay Strong Foundation’s mission as Terrie looks on.

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Rev. Al Sharpton joined the open dialogue on emotional distress within our community.

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HBO’s The Wire stars Jamie Hector and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson catch up between speakers.

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Terrie and distinguished supporters circle around the event’s cake made in honor of her book, Black Pain.


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