Terrence Howard's Photos: Ready for the Stage

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 14, 2008

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Academy Award-nominated actor Terrence Howard is excited for fans to get to know him better with his debut album, “Shine Through It.”

“I was determined to participate in being in charge with my album. Every mistake is mine. I was that man!” he says. “And I’m happy for that, because I can deal with my mistakes and nobody else’s.”

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Howard displays his many talents on the album, including playing guitar.

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Self-reflection is a regular practice for Howard.

“I was always a class clown and I always said what was on my mind, but I hid behind other things,” he says. “The accolades and admiration are wonderful, but the only real accolade comes from God. If you don’t get that, you’ve got nothing.”

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Music serves as therapy for the Oscar-nominated actor.

“There’s a lot of freedom in my album, but each song brought pain. It was like giving birth-even though it causes a lot of pain, the end result of bringing life is always rewarding,” he says.

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Howard makes sure to stay stage-ready.

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Howard hopes fans will always remember him as a fly cat.

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Howard is humbled by his notoriety around the world.

“The thing that impressed me most about myself was going to Italy and seeing human beings who I never thought I would meet and they know who I am,” he says. “There is no one who can say that you do not exist or that your life was in vain.”


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