Technology Gadget Gift Guide

Technology Gadget Gift Guide
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 25, 2010

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The latest upgrade of Jawbone is the Icon and is by far the most advanced Bluetooth headset on the market today. The Icon is smaller and more comfortable than ever before, and has six different finishes for the diva to select from — from subtle to sleek. $120.

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This tiny cam has the heart of a DSLR, yet measures in at half of the size and weight. The interchangeable lens allows for the versatility of a “professional” camera, yet perfect for storing in your purse. It also comes in a jazzy red, which the digital diva in your life will totally appreciate. $599.

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A truly hands-free set, this portable navigation system is voice activated and pairs with Bluetooth technology to allow for hands free calling. Safety first! $449.

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This impressive audio recorder allows for crystal clear sound captures — whether in the board room or over a conference call — by utilizing tiltable twin microphones. This linear recorder is one inch thick and weighs less than a deck of cards. $199.

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With one click of the “Share” button, Kodak’s 5x optical zoom M590 camera lets you instantly post your best pictures directly to your social networking sites. $200.

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Powered by Google TV, Sony’s latest line of hi-def 1080p LCD TVs blur the line between display and desktop, by allowing users to watch their favorite shows while simultaneously tweeting or surfing the web on the same screen. $1,400.

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Customizable inside and out, this HP’s netbook measures less than one inch thick, features a 10” display, full QWERTY keyboard and webcam. $280.

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Available in three colors, this over ear headphone features a seamlessly integrated mic control for listen to music and speaking on smart phones. $150.

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When spending the day in the great outdoors, whether at a BBQ or hiking, no self-respecting techie can go without juice for their tools. This solar charger is just seven inches long, less than a half inch thick, and two inches wide, so it’s super easy to travel with. When the iPhone is drained, just lay out the charger and recharge your battery. Can’t be beat. $47.

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Forget wireless. Microsoft’s newest console add-on is completely controller free, allowing the player to control the game with their movements. $300.

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The latest generation of the wildly popular Kindle boasts a high contrast screen, space for up to 3,500 books and free 3G and Wi-Fi to download books from anywhere. $189.

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Available in an array of colors, Apple’s tiny multi-touch screen MP3 player stores songs, videos and apps, for movers and shakers with limited carrying space. $149.

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Dash is the alarm clock of the future, with 1,500 apps, including Facebook and Twitter, and all of your personalized news, weather and sports. There’s a built-in sound system that will rock out Pandora when you need to, and stream movies from Netflix in your kitchen, if you like. All at around $200.

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Full keyboard, Flash compatible, 8 megapixel camera, access to thousands of apps and expandable memory up to 40 GBs, Motorola’s Droid 2 is one of the advanced players in the smart phone game. Oh, and it makes phone calls too. $299.


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