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Six fun ways to use your phone to spice up your sex life.

Charli Penn Jul, 22, 2013

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You spend hours and hours with your smart phone in hand playing games, sharing words with friends and posting pictures of your lunch, but did you know it can also improve your love life, if you let it? (Yes, really!)) You're just a few swipes away from instant action with these tips and tricks.

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When it comes to sexual inspiration, the options on your smartphone are endless. Visit the app store and search for one that’s right for you and your lover. We like Kamasutra 4D HD for the iPhone and Android phones to start because it offers 3D tutorials on fun new positions to try between the sheets. There are also apps that teach you tricks he’ll love and give you tips for keeping your mojo high (Sex Master HD) as well as those that introduce you to new bedroom games.

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You don't have to send a naked photo of yourself to get his attention. A little mystery can go a long way when it comes to sending picture messages. Snap a shot of yourself in that dress he loves or show off your sexiest feature. Leave a little to his imagination and the things he'll dream up until you get home will make for lots of fun between the sheets.

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Sometimes you have to get out of your bedroom to recharge your mojo. Text him a specific location, a time to meet you and specific instructions on what to say and wear when he arrives. The suspense alone will drive him crazy, and then when you get there it's up to you to do the rest.

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He’s home, you’re not – now what? Don’t let the distance between you cause your spark to fizzle. Pick up the phone and talk him through exactly what would be happening in that moment if you were together. Expert say, when done correctly, great phone sex can even result in orgasms as great as those a couple can experience through intercourse. Don’t knock it before you try it.

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When life gets busy, sometimes it can feel like the one thing you never (ever!) have time for is sex, right? (Wrong!) Take a minute together to sync up your calendars so you'll both know which days and nights are least hectic for you. Stress can be the ultimate mood blocker. Keep track of your more relaxed moments so you won't get your signals switched when bedtimes comes.

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The OhMiBod Naughtibod Vibrator plugs right into your iPhone and vibrates to the beat of your favorite songs. We shouldn't have to tell you how much fun this will be for you (and him!).